Each month, we profile one of the amazing Phonathon students working in SU's call center. This month, we sat down with student caller, Howard '17, an English Language and Literature major from Pikesville, MD.

Phoneathon caller Howard

Why did you choose to come to Stevenson?

I was given an opportunity to receive a transfer scholarship after I left my former school.

What do you like best about SU now that you're here?

I love the small classes and it allows you to get to know your professors if you really want to.

What activities to you enjoy outside of class?

Outside of class I'm usually found writing or doing something musical.

What do you like best about being a student caller?

Sometimes you'll find a few alumni that have a great story that they want to share with you as well as awesome advice.

What are your plans after graduation?

Post-graduation, I intend to start my career in the publishing/editing track. Long-term, I hope to head my own publishing house or literary magazine with a focus on young writers.