Just a few years ago, Esther Ford ’11, walked into her class to discover that she was the only minority student. Six years later, dozens of students walk through the doors of the newly opened Center for Diversity and Inclusion.

The new Center for Diversity and Inclusion

 A place for reflection, prayer, and celebration of culture, the Center facilitates meaningful discussion and fosters understanding among students. Audrey Yankah ‘18, a junior Legal Studies student from Ghana, who works in the Multicultural Affairs Office calls the Center, "the Center of Acceptance."

"No matter who you are, you have a place to go, a place to be yourself,” says Yankah.

Since the Center’s grand opening, the Assistant Vice President of Multicultural Affairs, Natalie Gillard, has organized a plethora of events to celebrate Black History Month. They include:

  • Trip to the African American museum in D.C.  
  • The History of Soul Food
  • Lunch and Learn: Hair Texture and Skin Tone Complexities, The African American Experience

As Black History Month draws to a close, this month’s events are only a highlight of Stevenson’s efforts to celebrate diversity.

The Multicultural Affairs Office welcomes and encourages alumni to attend their upcoming events:

The Pulse: viewing and discussion of the documentary "Thirteenth"
March 2rd, 7-10pm Rockland (The Pulse talks are held every first Thursday of the month)

Diversity Career Expo: learn how to positively promote your diversity, skills, and strengths while networking with companies for internships and jobs
March 7th, 1-3pm Rockland

For more information on Stevenson's diversity initiatives feel free to contact Natalie Gillard, ngillard@stevenson.edu.