As former President of Villa Julie College serving from 1965-1999, Carolyn Manuszak was vital to this institution's growth and successful future, and many of our alumni carry fond memories of her. In keeping with her dedication to the University, Manuszak made provisions in her will to ensure the long term support of students. 

Former President of Villa Julie College from 1965-1999, Carolyn Manuszak

Since her passing in February 2016, Stevenson has received a bequest of $1.2 million from her estate. This generous gift supports the Carolyn Manuszak Scholarship in Memory of Dr. T. J. Manuszak. Established in 1998 to honor her late father, the scholarship provides tuition assistance for promising incoming freshman and transfer students. It is fitting and not surprising that her legacy lives on through helping more students on their paths to a bright future.