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Alumni Association

Alumni Awards

Celebrate the success and achievements of your fellow graduates. 

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Alumni Awards

The Stevenson University Alumni Association exists to create a strong and vibrant network of alumni who work to advance themselves and the SU community by participating in current University events while connecting themselves with fellow alumni. The Alumni Association encourages alumni involvement in events and giving and is opened to all alumni of Stevenson University and Villa Julie College.

Who is in the Alumni Association?

The Alumni Association of Stevenson University is composed of any graduate of the University's undergraduate or graduate degree programs or any former student who has completed a minimum of 15 credit hours in either the undergraduate or graduate programs and left the University in good standing.

The Alumni Association is led by the Alumni Board members who serve on five board committees: Athletics, Awards and Nominations, Communications, Events, and the Executive Committee.

What can I do?

There are many ways to be involved with the Alumni Association. Alumni are encouraged to connect with the Alumni Association online in order to stay in touch with friends and classmates. Alumni are also encouraged to attend events, volunteer as a speaker, mentor a student, initiate a corporate partnership in your workplace, or cheer on one of Stevenson's many sports teams.

  • Board

    Alumni Association Board

    The Alumni Association Board builds alumni connections and provides continuous commitment to the growing Stevenson University community. The Board also brings an invaluable expertise from a wide range of professions including business, law, finance, information technology, the arts, and more.

    Executive Committee

    Shervonne Cherry ’05
    Matt Johnson ’98
    Immediate Past President
    Anthony Davis ’02 ’03M
    Vice President
    Tonia Cristino ’08 ’10M
    Committee Chair, Athletics
    Angela Davis Pallozzi ’05
    Committee Chair, Events
    Blaire Miller ’05
    Committee Chair, Engagement
    Christina Bowman ’02
    Vice Committee Chair, Events

    Members at Large

    Nick Farano ’12
    Nominations & Awards Committee

    Donna Kahoe ’94 ’99
    Nominations & Awards Committee

    Justice Schisler ’97
    Nominations & Awards Committee 

    Jennifer Verch ’01
    Events Committee 

    Andria M. Cole ’89
    Events Committee

    Ashleigh Fiorino ’12
    Events Committee 

    Ryan Salah ’15
    Events Committee 

    Marcie Wood ’93 ’97
    Events Committee 

    Julie Johnson ’06
    Events Committee 

    Robert Carter ’08
    Events Committee 

    Melanie Hagan ’91
    Engagement Committee 

    Debbie Dixon ’80
    Engagement Committee 

    Chris Engel ’89 ’92
    Engagement Committee 

    Gabby Howard ’12
    Engagement Committee 

    Shantell Roberts ’08
    Engagement Committee 

    Marcia Neuburger ’05
    Engagement Committee

    Esther Ford ’11
    Engagement Committee

    Brad Bartkowiak ’07
    Athletics Committee 

    Jason Bungori ’04
    Athletics Committee 

    James Smyrnioudis ’02
    Athletics Committee 

    Mike Tyler ’02
    Athletics Committee 

    Katie Decker ’10 ’12M
    Athletics Committee 

    Tracey Cantabene ’95
    Athletics Committee 


  • History

    History of the Alumni Association

    In terms of history, we must remember the University did not begin as Stevenson University (SU). Its roots go back to the founding of Villa Julie College (VJC) in 1946 as a two-year secretarial college. Even in those early years, graduates formed their own alumni group that held activities and created a newsletter to keep former classmates connected with the VJC community. In the 1960s, the alumni became a dues-paying organization. Dues were set at $7.00 per year, were later raised to $15.00, and then finally eliminated in 1976. Over the next forty years, alumni served as advisors to the President, held events like the Fashion Show and an Anniversary Ball to celebrate Villa Julie's 25th anniversary, worked with students on community service projects, and reached out to classmates with phone-a-thons and class reunions.

    Meanwhile, VJC had evolved into a dramatically different type of higher-education institution, signified by a change in name in 2008 to Stevenson University. During that time, alumni were involved in the development of the strategic plan, and expanded their influence through representation on the President's Advisory Council and the Board of Trustees. Currently, the Alumni Association has twenty-nine board members and six associate board members serving on five committees: Athletics, Awards and Nominations, Communications, Events, and the Executive Committee. The Association serves over 12,500 SU alumni including a young alumni base; 75% of the alumni population have graduated since 1990, and 53% since 2000.

    The Alumni Association will continue to plan, implement, and lead efforts to connect our growing alumni base to the Institution and other SU and VJC alumni.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I join the Alumni Association?

    If you earned an undergraduate or graduate degree from Stevenson University, formerly Villa Julie College, you are automatically a lifetime member of the Alumni Association. You are also a member, if you earned 15 credits in either the undergraduate or graduate program and left in good standing.

    What are the benefits of being a member of the Alumni Association?

    There are many benefits for alumni to enjoy, including free access to the University's fully-equipped modern fitness centers on both campuses*; select use of the SU library; a subscription to Ventures (the University magazine) and the alumni e-newsletters; and invitations to alumni events. You will also receive continued access to Career Services' resources, including free resume critiques, career assessment services, and the University's jobs listing website.
    *subject to availability

    How do I make a gift to the Annual Fund and show my support for Stevenson University?

    It's simple! Go to Give to SU to access our secure online donation form. If you prefer to mail a donation to the University, please send your check, payable to Stevenson University, to:

    The Office of Institutional Advancement
    Stevenson University
    1525 Greenspring Valley Road
    Stevenson, Maryland 21153

    I am thinking of applying to graduate school. How can I get a copy of my transcript?

    All transcript requests must be made in writing. Faxed, phoned, or emailed requests are not accepted. Transcripts cost $3.00* per copy for regular service. A same day service is available for a cost of $10.00* in the Registrar's Office. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check, or money orders.
    *prices subject to change

    Click here for the downloadable transcript request form. If you are unable to download the request form, a written letter can be substituted. Alumni should include their name, any previous names used, social security number, approximate dates of attendance if before 1985, daytime phone number, and the address to which the transcript is to be mailed. Alumni should indicate whether they need an official or unofficial transcript. Written requests should be mailed to:

    Stevenson University
    Registrar's Office
    Attn: Transcript Request
    1525 Greenspring Valley Road
    Stevenson, MD 21153

    I want to volunteer my time to the University, but I am not sure what opportunities are available. How can I find out what I can do to become involved?

    The alumni program offers a wide variety of ways for alumni to remain active and involved with their alma mater. Please contact Jamie Myers, Director of Alumni Relations, at (443) 334-2625 or to learn more. Check out our volunteer opportunities page to consider ways to stay connected.