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Specialty Scholarships

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Tell us about someone who can comment on your commitment to service.
To be considered for the Service Scholars Program and/or the Leadership Scholars Program, help us understand your relevant views and experiences. Please answer one of the following questions. Limit your response to 500 words.

1. Choose an issue area or population (i.e. homelessness, youth education, immigration, aging, etc.) for which you care deeply. Explain how you believe a group of dedicated college students could address the issue and bring about change.

2. Recall your most meaningful service-based experience, a time you were inspired to create positive change, or an impactful experience working with someone different from yourself. Describe what inspired your action, what you learned from the experience and how it influenced and/or shaped who you are today.

3. What do you think is the most important attribute of an effective ethical leader?

Short Response
Both the Service Scholars Program and the Leadership Scholars Program provide enriching experiences to a selective group of dedicated students. What is your primary motivation for applying? Please tell us why this type of program is interesting to you and why you should be selected. Limit your response to 200 words.
Please upload a resume or list of activities highlighting your services experience(s).
Please submit your file as a .PDF or .DOC file only.
If you still receive an error, please make sure there are no spaces in the file name.
If you have trouble uploading your document here, you can e-mail it to Please include your full name and address in your e-mail and specify that the document is part of your application for your Specialty Scholarship Application.
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