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Brittany Appleby-Rumon

  • Recognizing Leadership, Ambition, and Innovation

    The Presidential Fellowship provides a full-tuition scholarship to support students who embody the mission of Stevenson University.

Presidential Fellow

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Expected Graduation Year: 2018

Hometown: Hagerstown, MD

Tell us about yourself:

I am a city girl who loves to travel to new places with rich history. I enjoy going to museums and national parks. I have two huge dogs that I love more than the whole world. Half of my diet is composed of chocolate. For fun I like volunteer, shop, read, and go to amusement parks. 

Tell us about your experience as a first year student at Stevenson:

The first year experience has been absolutely amazing. The first couple of weeks of school I felt as if I was at Disney World! I would walk to class and someone would hand me an ice-cream float. I would walk back to my residence hall and there were slip n' slides in the quad! Every day was an adventure and it still is.

How do you think Stevenson helps first year students become acclimated to the University?

Stevenson goes above and beyond in helping its first year students become acclimated. Student Activities worked very hard this summer to come with an amazing itinerary of events for Camp Mustang. Events such as MAP Friday Night Fever and the SGA Ice Cream Social were great ways to meet new people. In the first few weeks there were always events to meet new people and make wonderful memories.

How have you become involved on campus?

I am currently running cross country and will continue on to do indoor and outdoor track over the course of the year. I am the SGA Senator for the  School of Business. I am also a member of the Legal Society. I am the current intern for the assistant director of Annual Giving.

Why did you choose to attend SU?

I chose Stevenson University for a plethora of reasons. The easy and simple answer was because Stevenson has the only American Bar Association accredited paralegal program in the tri-state area. However, that is only the icing on the cake. I came here because I am valued for who I am here. They see me more than just a person who values academics. They see me for the whole person that I am. Finally, the people are what sealed the deal for attending Stevenson. Everyone here is dedicated to helping each other succeed. I feel supported here - and it is an amazing feeling.

What are your career goals?

Upon my graduation from Stevenson I plan to enroll in law school and take part in a dual degree program to receive my J.D. and MBA. After law school I plan to work either for the Department of Justice, the State Department,  a non- for- profit organization, or for a cooperation focused on the development and improvement  of the lives of youth - such as the Walt Disney Company. My top career choices include working as a political staffer for a U.S. Senator, working as an in-house attorney for Disney, or serving as a Supreme Court Justice.

What do you like best about SU?

The best part of SU is the people. All of the people here whether you are a student, staff member, professor, or coach are all here to help you succeed and reach your potential. We are very supportive of one another and passionate about our goals.  If you are dealing with a problem there is always someone here that has the solution.

What is your favorite part about your major?

My favorite part of my major is being able to be instructed by incredibly intelligent and experienced professors. These professors have worked at some of the top firms and largest corporations. They have the connections and insight that give us amazing opportunities to succeed in our legal careers. Additionally they have graduated from the top law schools and know the skills needed to a great candidate in applying to them. 

What has been your biggest challenge as a student at SU?

The biggest challenge has been deciding what opportunities to take advantage of. At Stevenson your opportunities to volunteer,  learn, and make new experiences are infinite. However, the amount of hours in a day are finite. It has been a challenge to turn down some opportunities because of prior engagement with classes, clubs, and sports. Prioritizing your interests has been the greatest challenge.  

How would you describe your experience living on campus?

When you live on campus you feel very connected with the other students and feel a part of the Stevenson community. By living on campus I am able to get to know the people I see every day when I am trying to get to my classes, eating meals, and just hanging around campus. There is a sense of familiarity and consistency that comes with living on campus that helps to relieve homesickness in those first few months  and promotes a sense of community among the student boy.    

What do you do for fun on the weekends?

Usually if I do not have a competitive meet I take advantage of all the events planned around campus. Stevenson is always planning trips here and there through SGA and MAP so it is not difficult to find something to do. Most weekends I try to participate in events that are going on around Baltimore such as the Maryland State Fair and Burning of Baltimore firework display. 

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