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Ally Herr

  • Recognizing Leadership, Ambition, and Innovation

    The Presidential Fellowship provides a full-tuition scholarship to support students who embody the mission of Stevenson University.

Presidential Fellow

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Expected Graduation Year: 2018

Hometown: Lancaster, PA.

Tell us about yourself:

I aspire to become a teacher and principal someday. Learning and education are two of my biggest passions in life; my biggest goal is to open a school in another country. I love helping others through volunteering, I’m in the Service Corps at Stevenson and I am planning on going on the Mission I’m Home trip this spring. I also enjoy being outdoors hiking or kayaking, cooking, traveling, reading, and spending time with my family and friends. 

Tell us about your experience as a first year student at Stevenson:

Stevenson became my home extremely quickly, the friends I have made here and the sense of community on campus helped me acclimate to college life almost instantaneously.

How do you think Stevenson helps first year students become acclimated to the University?

Stevenson creates an incredible sense of community on campus, it truly feels like home to me. The University gives their students so many opportunities to meet new people and there are constantly a variety of activities on and off campus if you are willing to get involved. 

How have you become involved on campus?

Currently, I am involved in Teachers of Tomorrow, Service Corps, and Mission I’m Home.  In the future when I become more acclimated to my schedule, I plan on joining Best Buddies and People for Animal Wellness Society (PAWS).

Why did you choose to attend SU?

Stevenson was the only college that I visited that I could truly picture myself at; their major programs, dorm halls, and activities seemed the best fit for my future success. 

What are your career goals?

After graduating from Stevenson, I plan on becoming a teacher in an elementary school somewhere in Maryland or Pennsylvania. I also plan on jumping right back into school to work on obtaining my Doctorate in Education Administration because I want to become a principal someday. A huge life goal for me is to open a school in a third world country to allow children the chance of free education that I was so lucky to receive in America.

What do you like best about SU?

My two favorite things about Stevenson are the residence halls and the education program. The living space that I get on campus is better than any other college I visited, we get so much space! My major’s program is also one of the best I have seen because Stevenson sets me up with an internship in a classroom all four years here. Not only does this help reinforce my passion for teaching by getting me in the classroom early, but it also allows me to network with multiple schools in the area for the future job hunting.

What is your favorite part about your major?

My favorite part about my major is the ability to be in the classroom all four years. All education majors have to take time out of their schedule every year for an internship in a different classroom, giving you the necessary hands-on experience that I think every prospective teacher needs. 

What has been your biggest challenge as a student at SU?

Honestly, I have not run into any challenges yet. I heard a lot about the awful work load in college and other freshman horror stories that I feel lucky to not have had to deal with yet. While there is a lot of work, it is nothing insurmountable and I still have plenty of time for a social life – it’s all about time management.

How would you describe your experience living on campus?

I love living on campus. I have constant access to all the schools amenities and I get to be with my friends all the time. The feeling of community at Stevenson is notable when you walk onto campus. I enjoy being able to take a walk and know most of the faces I pass.

What do you do for fun on the weekends?

I usually hangout with my friends, we like to watch sports, cook, watch movies, or go to one of the activities that Stevenson has.

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