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Alicia O'Neil

honors student alicia o'neil

As an incoming student, almost nothing feels better than belonging to a community of individuals to whom you can relate, who help you grow as an intellectual and who value the same kinds of things as you. The Stevenson Honors Program is that community.

Nursing Major Alicia O’Neil is experiencing the intellectual freedom one may expect of upper classmen classes in her freshman college experience.

“The honor classes have provided so much opportunity for discussion,” she explains. “I would recommend the Honors program to all incoming freshmen that wants to explore their intellect."

Despite still trying to learn the ropes as far as balancing work, life and school, Alicia has found time for extracurricular clubs as a member of Best Buddies and the National Student Nursing Association, proving that time management skills are a required, perhaps learned skill of the Honors Program.

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