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Additional Requirements

In addition to the general freshman application requirements, we also have some requirements and/or suggestions for students in the following categories.

Home-Schooled Students

Home-Schooled Applicants

Applications from students who have been schooled at home are welcome at SU. Home-schooled students are reviewed using the same criteria as applicants schooled in a traditional high school setting and are asked to submit the same required information. Due to the variety of educational experiences among home-schoolers, applicants are strongly encouraged to include the following with their application:

  • A short statement written by the person, other than the applicant, most responsible for the applicant's education during the secondary school years that describes the educational program undertaken by the student. This document is not intended as a recommendation, but as an explanation of the approach the student and primary educator took in planning the secondary school curriculum. This is often written by a parent.
  • Official transcript(s) for any coursework taken at local two-year or four-year colleges. The official transcript should be sent even if this coursework is listed on the home-school transcript.
  • A letter of recommendation from a teacher or home-school evaluator who is not a family member. Up to three letters of recommendation will be considered if submitted.
  • Scheduling an admission interview is strongly encouraged. It is best to schedule this interview shortly after submitting the application or to bring application materials with you to the interview.

Questions about the above requirements or the application review process for home-schooled students should be directed to Carol McDaniel (, 443-352-4421).

Early Enrollment Students

Early Enrollment Students

Advanced high school students who wish to begin their college careers before graduation from high school may apply for Early Enrollment. Early Enrollment is available to high school seniors whose high schools grant them permission to waive their senior year to enroll full time as degree-seeking students. In addition to submitting the information required of all freshman applicants, Early Enrollment applicants should:

  • Have successfully completed 13 college preparatory units and 3 elective units (at least 2 of these electives are generally in a foreign language) by the end of the third year of high school.
  • Submit SAT scores of at least 550 Critical Reading and 550 Math.
  • Have attained a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least a 3.0 (B).
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from the high school principal or director of guidance/counseling permitting the student to apply for Early Enrollment (this letter should indicate that the student's request for a senior waiver has been granted or indicate when it will be granted).
  • Schedule a personal interview with the SU admissions counselor assigned to the student's high school. A parent or legal guardian is encouraged to attend this interview.
Parallel Enrollment Students

Parallel Enrollment Students

SU sponsors a Parallel Enrollment program for academically talented high school students. This program allows students from the local area to take up to two courses during one or both semesters of their senior year. Participants may take up to fourteen (14) credits through the Parallel Enrollment program.

Application Process

A minimum cumulative high school GPA of 3.0 (B) is required for admission. Students who wish to enroll in English or math courses must submit SAT or ACT scores for placement purposes. For all applicants, scheduling a personal interview with the Parallel Enrollment Admissions Counselor is strongly recommended.

Students applying for Parallel Enrollment must submit:

  • Parallel Enrollment Application
  • Official high school transcript
  • Letter of endorsement from their high school guidance counselor
  • Letter of permission to enroll from a parent or legal guardian
  • $25 non-refundable application processing fee

Application Deadlines

The application and supporting materials, including the $25 application fee, must be received by the following deadlines:

Fall Semester: June 1
Spring Semester: October 1

All information should be mailed to:
Stevenson University
Admissions Office
100 Campus Circle
Owings Mills, MD 21117

Tuition Expenses

Parallel Enrollment students pay tuition on a per-credit basis, as do all part-time students at Stevenson. Students accepted to the program, however, receive a Stevenson University Parallel Enrollment scholarship of $300 per credit to help defray tuition expenses.

Continuation Requirements

Parallel Enrollment students must earn a minimum 3.0 GPA in their first semester of SU coursework in order to be eligible to pursue coursework for a second semester.

Course Offerings & Descriptions

Students in Parallel Enrollment may choose from select 100- and 200-level courses as outlined in the Parallel Enrollment Course List. Please note that this list of suggested courses is subject to change and a course's placement on the list does not guarantee availability in any particular semester.

For Further Information

Contact the Admissions Office at 410-486-7001 or and direct your inquiry to the Admissions Counselor for Parallel Enrollment.

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