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Psychology News

Student Lisa Taffe, an upcoming May 2015 graduate of Stevenson University's Psychology Program, in the lab working on her research project.

Her reseach involved monitoring the hunger hormone in the brain of animals that were given doses of methamphetamine.

The psychology faculty t-shirts designed by student Stephanie Rodriguez have finally arrived!

Dr. Wong, Kayla Little, Alyssa Henry, Stephanie Rodriguez, Alba Mehmetllari, Dr. Elliott, Dr. Iannone, and Dr. Tulloch all proudly sport the t-shirts.

Students in Dr. Tulloch's Animal Behavior Class gave their presentations on their experiential learning with the Maryland SPCA. The SPCA is an organization directed towards the betterment of pet welfare and animal care.

Several animals were brought to the Manuszak Center for students and faculty to appreciate and learn about this week, including rarer insect species, snakes, a baby goat, and a baby kangaroo. Pictured below is Dr. Iannone cradling the swaddled and gentle baby kangaroo.

Dr. Tulloch's Animal Behavior class had two new visits from different animals this month. The first was Bubba the miniature Vietnamese pig, belonging to students Shannon Logue and Ashley Bialiff.

Students attempted to condition Bubba to choose a certain blanket over another when placed on the floor.

The second guests were two dogs of different breeds, Zora and Canela.

The goal with this activity was for the students to observe breed differences in canine aggresssion. Both dogs were allowed to wander the room with students paying particular attention to their interactions.

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