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Psychology News

Please join the Psychology Department in congratulating Psychology major Lauren Shields whose abstract was accepted for the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students meeting....Click here to read more.

Last Thursday, September 24th, students represented Stevenson University at the 4th Annual Project Homeless Connect, sponsored by the United Way. Students from PSY 350—Health Psychology, PsychClub, and Student Activities teamed up to serve as volunteers for the event, which was held in Downtown Baltimore at the Convention Center....Click here to read more.

PsychClub and RISE, a club and an initiative sponsored by the Psychology department, have partnered for a mentoring program.

Stephanie Taverna (PsychClub) and Sam Eddy (RISE) began a new mentoring program at Sacred Heart Middle School, with the STEM Club, on Friday September 11, 2015.

For more information contact and or visit the clubs’ Facebook pages: Stevenson University Psychology Club and Stevenson University RISE.

Sam Eddy and Stephanie Taverna (second row, third and fourth from the left) and the girls from Sacred Heart Middle School’s STEM Club.

On August 29th, a group called Charm City Initiative hosted a Back to School Block Party in Druid Hill. The group of Loyola Master’s students is sponsored by Stevenson adjunct faculty member Crystal Willoughby, Psy.D. and was created following the unrest in Baltimore earlier this year. Charm City Initiative hopes to stay engaged with the community by having students mentor resident student leaders to assist them in mentoring their peers!...Click here to read more.

Decoding Your Dreams

Dreaming is one of the most interesting things humans do…in my opinion anyways! Some people remember them and some do not. But even then, some recall them vividly, while others only remember bits and pieces.

Gary Popoli, Ph.D. was asked to discuss dreams on Better TV. Dr. Popoli is an adjunct professor for the department; his concentration is in human development.

In his interview, Dr. Popoli explains how often you dream and when dreaming occurs in your sleep cycle. A really interesting part of the interview is when he talks about common dreams that people have and then explains what the dreams mean. Some of the most common dreams are: being chased, falling, teeth falling out, partner cheating, and flying!

Check out Dr. Popoli’s interview.

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