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Psychology News

Congratulations to all our graduating seniors! We are especially proud of two Psychology majors who have received prestigious graduation awards today.

Gloria Collier received the SU Pin.

Glora Collier

Gloria Collier

The SU Pin award is “the most comprehensive honor that university confers on one graduating senior whose total performance is meritorious, including academic achievement, independence, integrity of thought and action, reliability, respect for others, and involvement in university or community affairs.” Gloria has an outstanding overall GPA and as her psychology professors have noted, the quality, rigor, critical thinking, and social consciousness underpinning her scholarly work is remarkable. Gloria has made huge contributions to not only the Psychology department (e.g., as a Peer Teaching Assistant), but also to the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (e.g., serving on the HaSS Student Advisory Board), University (e.g., as a Student Ambassador), and community (e.g., supporting the Muslim student community and serving as a co-founder and President of the Timber Grove Tiger Mentors). Congratulations Gloria!

Cole Simmons received the Dorothy Stang Award.

Cole Simmons

Cole Simmons

This award is “conferred upon a graduating senior who best exemplifies devotion to the good of the wider community as reflected in the life of Dorothy Stang, a member of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, the founders of Stevenson University.” Not only does Cole have an excellent GPA, he lives a life of service. In particular, his involvement and leadership in ROTC Corps is remarkable. Not only has he been the top Cadet in the Johns Hopkins University Blue Jay Battalion, but he has also won the George C. Marshall Award (recognizing the top national Cadets), Superior Cadet Award, and the Capt. Johnathan D. Grassbaugh Award for Excellence, among many other honors. He is a student with talent, commitment, and a strong moral compass. A consummate team member, Cole is making a real impact in his community. Congratulations Cole!

Psychology major Jordan Shapero completed an internship not long ago. Through this internship, he had developed new friendships. These friendships were anything but ordinary. Specifically, he had become friends with D O L P H I N S!

Jordan Shapero

Jordan Shapero

Jordan first noticed an internship posting from the National Aquarium website. He thought such an opportunity, as amazing as it seemed, would be a long shot, but he applied for it nonetheless. A few weeks later, Jordan received the internship offer. 

In this internship, Jordan's primary responsibility was to take care of two male dolphins.  He would usually sit in a small room that allowed him a view of the pool where the two dolphins were kept.  His job was to take objective and detailed notes on their behavior and physiology. Each day, he would meet with one of the staff members to discuss the well-being of these dolphins. During this internship, he had plenty of opportunities to listen to presentations about dolphins. As a result, he had learned about issues related to their diet, health, and training. He now even had knowledge about how to properly relocate a dolphin from one site to another!

Overall, Jordan was really grateful for this one-of-a-kind internship experience, especially since his ultimate goal is to become an animal behaviorist. Not all Psychology undergraduate programs are created equal, but at Stevenson, all our Psychology students graduate after completing an internship... an amazing, rewarding experience like Jordan's.

Here are some latest updates regarding the graduate school acceptance of our majors.

Jazmine Higgins

Jazmine Higgins ('20) will be attending the University of Maryland, Baltimore to pursue her Master of Social Work degree

Akera Williams

Akera Williams ('20) will be attending the Experimental Psychology program at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga

Matt Nichuals

Matt Nichuals ('20) will be attending a graduate program in I/O Psychology

Sarah Goranson11

Sarah Goranson ('19) will be attending an OT program in the UK

Alzariyat Abdalla

Interdisciplinary Studies major (Psych + Bio) Alzariyat Abdalla ('20) will be attending the Counseling Master's program at Towson University

Congratulations to you all! #Successyoucanmeasure #StevensonUniversity #StevensonPsychology

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