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Psychology News

Gabby Green, a Stevenson University Alumni, returned to her alma mater to share her experiences after graduation with students of Dr. Tulloch's Animal Behavior class.

Gabby graduated with a degree in Psychology and continued her education through the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, where she received her master's degree in Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare. Gabby also discussed her current career path working with animal welfare policies at the Humane Society of America.

In anticipation of the upcoming annual Bee Green day celebration for environmental awareness, Psychology faculty and students gathered to brainstorm and test out creative projects. With plants, cardboard, repurposed picture frames, and lots and lots of soil, ideas were shared and worked out to perfection.



Last week Psychology adjunct Dr. Colleen Spada welcomed guest speaker Dr. Erin Stoll to her classroom.

Dr. Stoll discussed cyber bullying, a social infliction usually predominant within younger age groups.

Dr. Stoll works at the Family Center in Ellicott City and has written and spoken extensively on the use of technology and social media outlets as tools for bullying and harassment. She regularly speaks to parents about what they can do for their children to prevent, protect, educate, and empower them.



    (Dr. Spada's attentive class)

Psychology student and Psi Chi member Kayla Delpo traveled all over Italy this past Spring break. She shared her exceptional study abroad experience with us visually - take a look at the wonders of her travels below:



Stevenson University professor of Psychology, Gary Popoli Ph.D, was recently featured on a local New York news channel produced by his daughter Gabby Popoli. Dr. Popoli gave an engaging lecture on the styles of parenting commonly found in our society. A link to the video can be found here.

Congratualtions Dr. Popoli on taking part in this wonderful opportunity!

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