Stevenson University offers a unique Bachelor’s to Masters option that allows students to save tuition and complete their education in a shorter period of time. The GPA requirement is a 3.0 and a minimum of 60 credits must be completed prior to applying. Students must apply during the first semester of their junior year and are eligible to take graduate level classes once 75 credits have been completed. This program is online which allows it to be flexible with outside obligations such as other classes or work. Psychology students working towards their Bachelor’s degree can utilize this shorter time frame education experience depending on their area of personal and professional interest.


Options for Psychology majors include:

Communications Studies is essentially mastering the science of communication. Many professionals want to enhance their communication skills. By completing a Master’s in Communications Studies, many new opportunities can be unlocked. This program may appeal to those interested in Industrial and Organization Psychology because students will be able to gain skills in evaluating and creating solutions to conflicts that occur in organizations. In addition, students who attain their Master of Science in Communication Studies will be equipped in strategies to create cohesive communications across differing cultural, social, and business settings.

Community-Based Education & Leadership is designed to create highly-qualified professionals to teach, lead, and manage informal education settings. A Master’s in Community-Based Education & Leadership (CBEL) can appeal to Psychology majors interested in working with children and teaching in a non-formal setting. This program produces leaders for nonprofit organizations, athletic coaching, youth development, and leadership in the greater community. Students interested in completing a Master’s in CBEL will have the ability to hone in on skills related to STEM, cognitive and emotional development, and research driven decision making. A 15-credit certificate is also offered.

Crime Scene Investigation is a great option for students who wish to learn about the integration of science and law. The media and popular culture have increased the awareness of forensic evidence among potential jurors to such an extreme that there is now an expectation that forensic evidence must contribute to all trials. Due to this culture shift, more forensic science technicians are needed to provide timely forensic information to law enforcement agencies and courts. The Crime Scene Investigation program provides students with the skills to evaluate crime scenes and select the appropriate steps to be followed in documenting, collecting, preserving, and processing evidence. The program trains professionals to process forensic evidence and report their findings in an ethical manner for the purpose of effectively communicating those findings in a courtroom setting. An 18-credit certificate is also available.

Forensic Investigation could be a great fit for Psychology majors interested in the social aspects of forensics or criminal justice. A Master of Science in Forensic Investigation prepares students to collect physical data and conduct interviews for the purpose of synthesizing the results for court testimony. In addition, students are prepared for careers that provide them with the ability to communicate findings, analysis, and conclusions. Potential positions for graduates range from Police Detective, to Federal Bureau of Investigation, to Special Agent. At the state and local level, Forensic Investigators usually specialize in one type of crime. An 18-credit certificate is also offered.

Forensic Studies is a similar program to Forensic Investigation but contains a broader range of experience. Students will learn the skills necessary to conduct investigations and examine evidence for the purpose of presenting their findings in legal proceedings. A Master of Science in Forensic Studies is ideal for students interested in more than one area within forensics and who wish to develop more general knowledge in forensics. Potential career opportunities include forensic accounting, digital investigation, and many other areas requiring forensic expertise such as FBI analyst or profiler.

Healthcare Management equips students with the leadership and management competencies that are critical in the healthcare industry. Students can select from two concentrations based on their personal interests and career aspirations: Quality Management and Patient Safety or Project Management. Students and graduates of Stevenson University Online’s Healthcare Management master’s programs have advanced their careers within the industry at hospitals, long-term care facilities, physician practices, insurance companies, medical technology and device companies, and nonprofit healthcare-related organizations.

If you are currently a Psychology Major with less than 60 credits and want to further look into these programs, the tuition, or the specific courses offered, visit the Academics section on Stevenson University’s website or contact Stevenson University Online’s Director of Admissions, Amanda Millar at 443-334-3334.

By: Makaylah Morton