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Psychology News

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Here are some latest updates regarding the graduate school acceptance of our majors.

Jazmine Higgins

Jazmine Higgins ('20) will be attending the University of Maryland, Baltimore to pursue her Master of Social Work degree

Akera Williams

Akera Williams ('20) will be attending the Experimental Psychology program at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga

Matt Nichuals

Matt Nichuals ('20) will be attending a graduate program in I/O Psychology

Sarah Goranson11

Sarah Goranson ('19) will be attending an OT program in the UK

Alzariyat Abdalla

Interdisciplinary Studies major (Psych + Bio) Alzariyat Abdalla ('20) will be attending the Counseling Master's program at Towson University

Congratulations to you all! #Successyoucanmeasure #StevensonUniversity #StevensonPsychology

Greetings everyone! My name is Makaylah Morton and I transferred to Stevenson University from Carroll Community College in the Fall of 2018.

Makaylah Morton

Makaylah Morton

I always knew I wanted to attend Stevenson because I had heard great things about their Psychology program. I attended a “Transfer Tuesday” with my mom to tour the campus and we both really liked what Stevenson had to offer. In addition to that, Stevenson offers amazing transfer scholarships that can cover nearly all of your tuition if you meet the necessary requirements. Once I applied and was accepted, I attended an Accepted Student’s Day where I met all of the Psychology faculty. Our Department Chair, Dr. Elliott, helped me create my schedule and made sure I was comfortable with my adviser prior to starting my first semester at Stevenson.

Although I have only been at Stevenson for two years and am graduating soon, I was able to form very strong relationships with many of the Psychology faculty and students. The students have always been very welcoming and helpful since I began attending. Transferring was a great experience for me because I was able to get scholarships that I would not have been able to receive straight out of high school. I also got many general electives out of the way which all transferred to Stevenson seamlessly. So Transfer Students, don’t be afraid to make the choice. Check out Stevenson University!

Interviewed by : Ethel Zepeda

Transferring from a community college to Stevenson was surprisingly smooth. The Psychology department was very welcoming and helpful. They told me exactly what courses would transfer and what courses I would need to take. I know that the professors here at Stevenson do care a lot about me and I feel very well-connected to them as well as my peers. Overall, I am super thankful for my professors and friends here at Stevenson. They have welcomed me with open arms and made this process easy and fun.

Devon Flowers

Devon Flowers ('20 Psychology)

Interviewed by Ethel Zepeda

We are happy to announce, once again, our success in sending our Psychology seniors to graduate school! Here are some examples. We are so proud of you all!

Kayla Brown

Kayla Brown (’20 Psychology) will be attending University of Delaware for their School Psychology Master’s program. Kayla has also received a prestigious Graduate Scholar Award from UD. Congrats Kay!

Liliana Ferrufino

Liliana Ferrufino (’20 Psychology) will be attending James Madison University for the Master’s program in School Psychology. Congrats Liliana!

Kelly Dunworth

Kelly Dunworth (’20 Psychology) will be attending Towson University for the Master’s program in Child Life, Family Collaboration, and Administration. Congrats Kelly!

Becky Staller

Becky Staller (’20 Psychology) will be attending Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Master program in Health Science. Congrats Becky!

Julia Boateng

Julia Boateng (’20 Psychology) will be attending Stevenson University for the Master’s program in Communication Studies. Congrats Julia!

Psychology major Cory Jones is the wide receiver for the Stevenson football team. As a student athlete, he is working hard to balance his football practices and schoolwork.

Cory started playing football at the age of 8. The SU football team had a great season this year. The homecoming game was particularly outstanding, and Cory has made two catches and a touchdown.

Cory Jones2

Cory Jones ('21 Psychology)

Cory always puts in 100% into all he does. He has learned that for both football and schoolwork, self-discipline is essential for achieving excellence.

Why Psychology? For Cory, he is passionate about helping others. He is particularly interested in becoming a sport psychologist in which he can help other athletes to achieve their full potential.

One thing that you may not know about Cory is that he is also an artist. He likes to create art in his free time and use spray paint as well as other art mediums to create large pieces of artwork. Cory hopes that one day he could incorporate elements of art therapy into his clinical work.

At the next football game, be sure to keep an eye out for number 84!

Cory Jones1

Cory Jones: Number 84!

By: Olivia Webb

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