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Did you know that one of the top reasons why young adults seek mental health services is because of the high level of stress that they experience? This semester, I have enrolled in Dr. Colleen Spada’s special topics course “Anxiety, Stress, and Relaxation.” In this course, we explore not only the different types and possible causes of stress, but also constructive coping methods in response to the experience of stress.

Dr. Spada

Dr. Spada

A highlight of this course is the opportunity to hear from different guest speakers that Dr. Spada has invited. For example, this semester we have heard from an art therapist, a yoga instructor, as well as a massage therapist! Importantly, these guest speakers did not just lecture to us, but they had incorporated various hands-on activities for us to learn more about each of these topics. Let’s take a look!


Massage therapist Jes Raschella engaging the class in massage techniques. After practicing a few massage techniques, multiple students noted how relaxed their body felt. It seemed that our stress had melted away!


Acupuncturist Dr. Rhonda Sapp provided a brief history of acupuncture. Psychology major Sophie Spartana volunteered to try out acupuncture on her ears. One student reported better sleep after the mini-acupuncture session from Dr. Sapp!

Taken together, I have thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Spada’s course. This course is not only highly interactive, but has also provided us with tools to manage our own stress. I would highly recommend this course!

By: Semira Nock

At Stevenson University, there are five Professional Minors for students to choose from, in addition to the regular minors from different disciplines. When you choose a minor, think deeply about your goals and interests so that you can decide whether or not the minor is a good match for you.


Management and Organizational Leadership

  • Provides a foundation in business management through the study of management fundamentals, employee relations, and organizational leadership
  • Courses include Employment Law, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Leadership, and Human Resource Management

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development

  • Provides a basic understanding of the skills needed to start or build a small business, write a successful business plan, and set appropriate marketing objectives for small business growth
  • Courses include Principles of Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Business Planning, Entrepreneurial Development, and Strategic Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Human Resources

  • Provides a solid foundation for careers in the human resources industry
  • Courses include Human Resources Management, Compensation and Benefits, Employee Training and Development, and International Human Resources

Real Estate

  • Provides a basic understanding of property management, commercial real estates, or sales
  • Courses include Principles of Real Estate, Property and Asset Management, Commercial Transactions, and Real Estate Market Analysis, Valuation, and Finance

Software Design and Coding

  • Provides a foundation in information systems to gain a competitive advantage in the tech world
  • Courses include MS Office Applications, Management Information Systems, Programming Concepts, and C# Object Oriented Programming

Interested in learning more about these Professional Minors? Visit this page and make an appointment with your advisor today to discuss more!

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