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Psychology News

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Congratulations to our December 2019 Psychology graduates! You all will be missed but we are excited for the new chapter in your life!

graduates 2019

Some of our Psychology graduates and their favorite Psychology professors!

We are especially excited for our majors Stephanie Charney and Alicia Hughart, who have received two prestigious graduation awards.

Stephanie Charney

Stephanie Charney receiving her SU Pin

Stephanie has received the Stevenson University Pin to recognize her outstanding academic performance, leadership, and exceptional service to our community. Her professors described her as a “consummate student” with a terrific ability to ask questions that go deep to the heart of an issue, a “true collaborator” who is affable and positive to her fellow students, and “one of the best research assistants” for her reliability, ability to work independently, and the high quality of work that she consistently produces. Stephanie is an excellent student leader and has served on numerous leadership positions, including her role as a Student Ambassador.

Alicia Hughart

Alicia Hughart receiving the Mitchell Award

Alicia has received the Mitchell Award to recognize her outstanding service to her community that exemplifies the values of the Stevenson University’s mission. Alicia has improved the lives of others as the President of Active Minds. Notably, she has chosen to step forward when the organization was floundering, and under her leadership, Active Minds was revitalized and has been playing a major role in promoting mental health awareness and education on campus.

Graduates of December 2019, once again, congratulations!

      It is truly an honor to announce the award-winning graduates: Rachael Steelman, Melissa Catalano, and Shanice Hastings! The three awards that were granted were the Stevenson University Pin, the Provost's Award for Exceptional Scholarship, and the Orsia F. Young Leadership Award.  
      The Stevenson University Pin was awarded to Rachael Steelman. This award is the most comprehensive honor the university confers on one graduating senior whose total personal performance is meritorious, including academic achievement, independence, integrity of thought and action, reliability, respect for others, and involvement in university or community affairs. 
     The Provost’s Award for Exceptional Scholarship was awarded to Melissa Catalano. The Provost’s Award for Exceptional Scholarship is conferred from time to time on one graduating student who has performed academically in a particularly exceptional way, has demonstrated unique intellectual ability and initiative, and has contributed to the academic pursuits of his or her peers. 
     The Orsia F. Young Leadership Award was awarded to Shanice Hastings for HaSS. This award is conferred on one graduating student from each academic school who has performed in an outstanding manner as a leader in the university community, initiated action, motivated others to do so, and has been an agent for positive change in the university.
     Congratulations on your accomplishments and best of wishes for your future endeavors!
     It is truly an honor to announce the award-winning graduates: Rachel Clein, Paige Worthy, and Maggie Miller! The three awards that were granted were the Stevenson University Pin, the Provost's Award for Exceptional Scholarship, and the Orsia F. Young Leadership Award. ...Click here to read more.

Select Stevenson Psychology Majors were honored at the Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges event at the Inscape Theatre on the Greenspring Campus. Those selected had a GPA above 3.2, operated for the betterment of the Stevenson community, and were recommended by a professor. Let us congratulate those psychology majors honored:

  • Brett Self
  • Lauren Shields
  • Shawn Brown
  • Kali Gill
  • Larry Fort
  • Revae Boykins
  • Angel Carter
  • Rachel Clein
  • Aishani Eggenberger-Lipschitz
  • Alexis Fitch
  • Erick Guzman
  • Marget Miller
  • Amanda Oppenheim
  • Rachel Patterson
  • Tyler Rutherford
  • Claire Schindler
  • Colleen Scobie
  • Tavon Stanley
  • Sarah Tweedle
  • Kameron Ward
  • Paige Worthy
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