Comic fans may have heard about the Unstoppable Wasp, published by Marvel. In this comic, the protagonist Nadia Van Dyne struggles with mental illness. In Issue No. 5 that just came out recently, Nadia came to a realization that she might have bipolar disorder.

What is really special about this issue of The Unstoppable Wasp is that it features a full two-page interview of our Psychology graduate Christina (Chris) Ceary.

Ceary 1

After obtaining her B.S. in Psychology in 2015, Chris earned her Master’s in Applied Psychology (with a Counseling focus) from the University of Baltimore in 2017. She is currently teaching psychology at Johns Hopkins Peabody Institute. Chris has always been a comic fan and admires the work by Jeremy Whitley, the writer of the Unstoppable Wasp. The two finally met through networking and Whitley was impressed by Chris’s knowledge about comics and psychology.

“I was serving as a consultant on the Unstoppable Wasp,” explained Chris. “I read through the script that Whitley provided and offered comments about the mental health aspects that appeared in the storyline. We want to portray the mental health issues as accurately as possible.”

Ceary 2

When we asked her what advice she had for our fellow students, Chris said: “Get out there and talk to people from different fields. For me, taking an interest in things like comics has led to an opportunity that I could not have predicted. Although we usually like to follow traditional paths, being able to think outside the box and create your own opportunities can be even more rewarding! To get started, getting to know people and learning from them is the first step.”

Chris has some good news to share! She has recently been accepted to the Psy.D. program in Counseling Psychology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. We are proud of you Chris!