It was in the midst of a grueling summer when psychology faculty and some wayward students heard the news that the once proud home known as the Exchange would no longer be part of the Department. A timid little building, the Cuvilly Faculty Exchange served as a place where students and teachers could intermingle and network in the most professional ways imaginable. It was a haven for the downtrodden, for that hopeless student just attempting to get the passing grade, for that existentially distressed worker who searches for meaning in plastered tile drywall; it was home. Yet in search of brighter and better futures, the Department packed its materials and headed to its new space: the Science Center.

The center was aptly named for the new discipline that would be inhabiting it, and with the lab space made available, students have more opportunities than ever before (with a human and invertebrate animal research lab in the works). Faculty members have even added their own special touches to the area, whether it be Dr. Bilgrave's sofa or Dr. Iannone's proud stash of peppermint candies near her office. Although the Exchange is gone, it is never forgotten, and it lives on in this new Science Center, this new home.