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Interdisciplinary Studies

Create your own course of study.

Through the Interdisciplinary Studies program, you can develop an individually designed major not available through current degree programs—all based on your personal academic interests.

  • Overview


    Bachelor of Science

    The Interdisciplinary Studies program allows you to pursue academic interests that transcend traditional majors at SU-or elsewhere. You'll consult with the program coordinator and faculty members from two academic disciplines of your choosing to develop a robust course of study based on your interests. For example, your focus may be on a set of problems, an idea, or a period study. Other themes include American studies, aesthetics and artistic expression, and international and global studies. Each semester, you'll meet with the program coordinator to make sure you're on track as well as to review internships and other career-development activities.

    What Will You Learn?

    • Demonstrate general knowledge in the liberal arts.
    • Demonstrate an understanding of content in two academic disciplines.
    • Demonstrate effective communication by engaging in inquiry and reflection on a topic of personal interest.

    A complete listing of learning objectives for the Interdisciplinary Studies program can be found in our Academic Catalog.
    Learning Objectives

    Why Study Interdisciplinary Studies?

    Interdisciplinary Studies is a unique degree program because it allows you to develop an individual course of study by combining classes from two academic disciplines that interest you. After you select your two disciplines, you'll work closely with faculty members from those programs to create a custom program. Regular meetings with the faculty and the program coordinator will help you keep on track with your coursework and ensure that you can apply what you're learning through internships, volunteer projects, and other career-related opportunities.

    • Work closely with faculty who are experts in your chosen areas of study.
    • Explore different career options through a variety of internships.
    • Take the capstone seminar, which supports your independent research.
    • Be prepared to enter graduate programs in several areas, including professional writing, humanities, social work, education, business, public administration, law, and library science.
  • Courses & Requirements

    Courses and Requirements

    Major Requirements

    Students may request admission into the major after completing the first semester of the freshman year. Students may select either the Bachelor of Science or the Bachelor of Arts degree. The Bachelor of Arts degree requires the completion of a foreign language through at least the intermediate level. In addition to completing the requirements for the Stevenson Educational Experience (SEE), students must complete the major requirements noted below. 

    • FYS 100
    • 36 credits of courses for the major selected from two disciplines, identified as program cores (at least 18 credits of which must be at the 300- and 400-level). 
    • A minimum of 12 credits is required in one program core.
    • 30 credits of courses must be at the upper level. 
    • INDSC 260, INCDC 320INDSC 360
    • Three credits in INDSC courses, 300-level or above
    • INDSC 450 Senior Project: Seminar in Interdisciplinary Studies

    Last Updated: 06/25/2018

  • Tracks & Minors

    Tracks and Minors


    A minor in Interdisciplinary Studies is not available.

    BS/MS Option

    The BS/MS option is available for students majoring in interdisciplinary studies who wish to combine their bachelor’s coursework with work toward a master’s degree in one of Stevenson’s graduate programs. Students choosing this option may earn their master's degree in as little as one year after their bachelor's degree. Interested students must formally apply for entrance into a BS/MS option in their junior year. Once admitted into this program, students develop an educational plan in consultation with their undergraduate and graduate advisors. For more information on this program see the Stevenson University Online Catalog

    Last Updated: 06/25/2018

What Can You Do With This Degree?

Graduates of our Interdisciplinary Studies program embark on many rewarding career choices, including:

• Admissions Counselor
• Community Affairs Director
• Entrepreneur
• Event Planner
• Journalist
• Lawyer
• Media Buyer
• Teacher
• Web Writer

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