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Public History News

If public history is defined as educating the public about the past, then the more widespread the education the more successful the public historian should be....Click here to read more.

When back in 1961 the Villa Julie College cheerleaders were kicking up a storm, the world was rapidly changing around them....Click here to read more.

As a new feature of this blog, the Public History Program will be periodically placing the spotlight on old photos. If public history is all about storytelling, then photos and other images are of crucial importance in telling our stories. From the hallowed storage space of the Archives at Stevenson University comes our first photo blog.

The above photo, published in the 1954 Villa Julie Junior College Yearbook, "The Villalog," carried the following caption: “Potential Robin Hoods arch their bows, sending arrows to their marks. Left to right: Cathleen Butt, Teeny Gunther, and Joan Lauer.”  “Teeny” was the nickname for VJ student Christina Gunther.

Public historian that I am, I asked colleagues of mine some key questions:

  • What is the name for those outfits the archers are wearing?
  • Were you happier wearing t-shirts and shorts for "phys ed" classes or these outfits?
  • What other physical education classes did we have in 1954?
  • ...Click here to read more.

Mike MacFee, a third year Public History major, supported the Maryland Military Historical Society (MMHS) as an intern this past spring....Click here to read more.

On April 26th, a tour planned by students in an SU Public History class of the defense of Baltimore in September 1814 was praised by local VIPs....Click here to read more.

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