The Stevenson PHIST program celebrated the start of its new academic year with its 6th Annual Welcome Back Cookout.Attended by 17, the party was deemed a huge success by all. With the temperature being slightly on the cool side, but sunny, folks were pleased to be outside on the back deck talkin’, eatin’, and drinkin’.

PHIST majors Austin & Karolyn

There aren’t a lot of public historians in the world– we are only one of five undergraduate programs in the US that award a bachelor’s degree in PHIST–but we pride ourselves on working hard, being supportive of each other, and having fun. Our annual “Welcome Back” cookout is but one example. We had alums, full time faculty, adjuncts, majors, and friends of the family attend.

Scott and Marsha ambushed by the photographer on the back deck. Scott, a retired veteran of the Army, is a new major getting ready to start a second career.

Next stop– our journey up to Gettysburg next weekend to the annual WWII reenactor’s encampment at Eisenhower farm.