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Sue Johnson workshops
Sue Johnson led various design workshops with Stevenson students
Sue Johnson, AVCD's Spring 2016 Artist-in-Residence, spent three full days with Visual Communication Design, Digital Marketing and Fashion Design majors. These design students explored museum collections, practiced watercolor painting techniques and designed their own repeat patterns.
Workshop in the Museum
The group visited the Walter's Art Museum to explore, draw and photograph different collections

Students practiced their watercolor skills and learned new techniques
Practicing Patterns
They also had the chance to create their own repeat patterns and explore surface design
Subliminality was the theme of Sue's lecture and of her exhibition featured in the School of Design's gallery. Professor Johnson exhibits nationally and internationally and teaches at St. Mary's College of Maryland. Stevenson was very happy to have her as this Spring's Artist-in-Residence.
Sue Johnson demonstrates watercolor techniques
Sue Johnson demonstrated watercolor techniques for the students

Italy Reception
Students, faculty, friends and family came out to the reception for the exhibition

During spring break last March, a group of 32 students, alumni and faculty went on a study abroad trip to Italy. They visited 10 cities in 10 days and captured the culture of each place through photography. Each student took thousands of pictures of their surroundings and experiences. They then had to narrow their thousands of pictures down to just 10 for their final portfolios. Out of these 10 photos,  just 1 was chosen from each student to be showcased in the study abroad photography exhibition Dieci Cittá, or "Ten Cities".  

Italy Reception
Senior VCD student Alaina Hall admires the photography of her fellow travelers

The travelers and their friends and family came out to a reception last night to celebrate their work, enjoy Italian food and reminisce about their travels. Dieci Cittá is on display through May 27th in the St. Paul Companies Pavillion on the Greenspring Campus. Stop by and check out the great work by our students!

Photography Field Trip
Students got a first-hand look at original 19th century photographs

ART 305: History of Photography students visited the Maryland Historical Society, where they viewed photographs from the 19th century. A special treat was to flip through the pages of the book published by Alexander Gardner in 1866, Photographic Sketches of the Civil War, and examine the original albumen prints made by the photographer and hand-pasted on the pages.

Sue Johnson Artist-in-Residence
VCD welcomes Sue Johnson as their Spring 2016 Artist-in-Residence

The Visual Communication Design program welcomes visual artist Sue Johnson as their Spring 2016 Artist-in-Residence. Johnson's work "explores the role of the artist in creating new knowledge and history of collections and collectors." The A-I-R visit kicks off on Wednesday, February 17th with a lecture by Johnson in the Rockland Banquet Room. The lecture begins at 6:15 with a reception before it at 5:30.

A reception will then be held on Thursday, February 18th for her exhibit Subliminality which is currently on display in the School of Design Gallery now through March 9th. Subliminality is composed of two wallpaper series' that contain messages by juxtaposing the rare and the usual from ancient times and using objects to create puzzles that express concern for the environment. The reception will be held for the show from 5:30–7 on Owings Mills North. Both receptions and the lecture are free and open to the public.

Students also have the opportunity to participate in a 3-day workshop led by Johnson to explore surface patterns and visual imagery as a one-credit option. During the experience, students will get to visit the Walters Art Museum to sketch and photograph museum collections, participate in a painting workshop, and generate surface patterns in a digital workshop. 

Inventing with Materials
Creatives of all ages enjoyed this hands-on "Inventing with Materials" workshop

VCD faculty Inna Alesina conducted an "Inventing with Materials" workshop at the North Avenue Knowledge Exchange, which provides opportunities for members of the Station North community to teach and enroll in free workshops. During the workshop, participants learned to approach design problems from different angles and perspectives by using common materials.

Inna notes that "inventing with materials is a powerful tool for generating innovative ideas that would be hard to create using any other method. Not only an engaging and fun activity, this "boot camp" for structural design communicates unique ways industrial designers think."

The day of free teaching and learning built upon the Baltimore Free School, a project of Red Emma’s Bookstore & Coffeehouse.

Inventing with Materials

Inventing with Materials

Product of Inventing with Materials

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