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Graphic Design News

Amelia Berninger (left) and Samantha Smith (right) are the winners for the PNC bank scholarship and will work with clients from Mercy Hospital under the guidance of Meggen Marx (center). For this project, Amelia and Samantha will design onesies that “promote the importance of preparing children, particularly undeserved children, for success in school during the first five years of their life.” The onesies will then be distributed to new mothers at Mercy Hospital.

On October 28, 2016 IBM design recruiter, Amber Atkins (aka the “ambermeister”), visited VCD 410 Portfolio Development and Professional Practices studio. Amber was on campus for the day and was the featured speaker for Career Service’s “Steve Talks” afternoon career networking event.

One of Stevenson University’s VCD Alumni, Leneé Freeman, is involved with the Urban Arts Leadership Program (UALP). It is an organization that is a part of the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance (GBCA), which seeks equity and inclusion in the cultural workforce. UALP encourages the participation of groups, particularly those of color, in the management of cultural and artistic organizations. UALP is looking for young leaders, such as college seniors or recent graduates who demonstrate strong commitment in changing conversation into action and making a difference.

More information about UALP

On Thursday September 1, VCD majors enrolled in Designing for Target Markets began partnering with the Irvine Nature Center on their “Native American Campsite” project.

For about two hours, the Irvine education team presented educational aspects of the project by requiring all present to participate in hands-on learning activities. Fun was had by all!  

AIGA Officers Win Award

AIGA Award

Along with this award, the group also received several other nominations including:

  • Student Organization of the Year
  • Best Collaborative Program of the Year: AIGA and Relay For Life's Paint Night
  • Best Social Program: Kickoff Party
  • Best Educational Program of the Year: Adobe Crash Courses
  • President of the Year: Kelsey Jones
  • Outstanding Leader of the Year: April Moyer
  • Advisor of the Year: Meghan Marx
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