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Visual Arts & Design Portfolios

Students planning to major in Fashion Design, Film & Moving Image, and Graphic Design are allowed to submit a portfolio of work to enhance their application and to be considered for talent-based scholarships.

Portfolio Details

Graphic Design News

Personal Space Photography
One student's personal space still life photo

PHOTO 341: Advanced Studio Photography students are examining the concept of creating a personal space in their photographs. Drawing inspiration from Dutch Still Life paintings, students were asked to create their own still life with objects that are a part of their everyday life while experimenting with soft, mysterious lighting. 

Camera Obscura
This camera obscura captured the upside down image of a tree on frosted paper

Using cigar boxes, magnifying glasses and frosted paper, students in ART 305: History of Photography made their own camera obscuras. Predating photographic cameras, the camera obscura, meaning "dark room", works when light passes through a pinhole and captures an inverted image on the far wall. Students were able to successfully capture their images on frosted paper, which was the backing of the cigar box.

Woodcut prints
Students printed letter form designs from their own handmade woodcuts
In ART 305: History of Graphic Design, students made prints out of woodcuts they created themselves. The goal of this project was to design an initial cap for a letter of their names that expressed their identity or personality. In order to go about this process, the students started with a blackletter font and then researched different periods of time relating to the history of graphic design in order to influence the embellishment of their letterform....Click here to read more.

RotoWorld cover
Corcl on the cover of RotoWorld

Remember last semester when VCD Portfolio students worked with Corcl? Well these circular paddle boats were just featured on the cover of RotoWorld Magazine!

Corcl in RotoWorld

Inspired by Vietnamese basket boats, these fun boats are beginning to make a splash in the market. VCD professor Inna Alesina collaborated with the creators to develop prototypes of the boat structure out of materials such as pool noodles and plastic sheeting.

Corcl in RotoWorld

Check out the article in RotoWorld Magazine Volume XII, Issue 1 of 2016.

Sue Johnson workshops
Sue Johnson led various design workshops with Stevenson students
Sue Johnson, AVCD's Spring 2016 Artist-in-Residence, spent three full days with Visual Communication Design, Digital Marketing and Fashion Design majors. These design students explored museum collections, practiced watercolor painting techniques and designed their own repeat patterns.
Workshop in the Museum
The group visited the Walter's Art Museum to explore, draw and photograph different collections

Students practiced their watercolor skills and learned new techniques
Practicing Patterns
They also had the chance to create their own repeat patterns and explore surface design
Subliminality was the theme of Sue's lecture and of her exhibition featured in the School of Design's gallery. Professor Johnson exhibits nationally and internationally and teaches at St. Mary's College of Maryland. Stevenson was very happy to have her as this Spring's Artist-in-Residence.
Sue Johnson demonstrates watercolor techniques
Sue Johnson demonstrated watercolor techniques for the students
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