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AIGA Officers Win Award

AIGA Award

Along with this award, the group also received several other nominations including:

  • Student Organization of the Year
  • Best Collaborative Program of the Year: AIGA and Relay For Life's Paint Night
  • Best Social Program: Kickoff Party
  • Best Educational Program of the Year: Adobe Crash Courses
  • President of the Year: Kelsey Jones
  • Outstanding Leader of the Year: April Moyer
  • Advisor of the Year: Meghan Marx

Students at the Lego Challenge
A few representatives of the AVCD team at the Lego Challenge, preparing to present their structure to the judges

First year students of all majors gathered in the Owings Mills Gym to participate in the Lego Challenge, a team building project where students construct Lego sculptures representative of the fundamentals of Stevenson's Career Architecture: Professional Know-How, Personal Direction and Discipline Expertise. Throughout this event, students learned more about personal values, skills, and interests related to their future careers....Click here to read more.

Brainstorming Lego Challenge
Students brainstorm and discuss how their ideas are representative of Career Architecture

First year AVCD students participated in a class brainstorming session to prepare for the Lego Challenge happening on Friday, October 30th from 1–4 in the Owings Mills Gym. The annual Lego Challenge is a team project where students create a Lego sculpture that represents the aspects of Stevenson's Career Architecture process, including Personal Direction, Discipline Expertise and Professional Know-How.

The class brainstormed in groups and pitched ideas for what to build to best represent not only Career Architecture, but also the Visual Communication Design major as a whole. Once they settled on a solid idea, they moved on to discuss ways to further enhance their presentation, including props, costumes and additional imagery. The class even took the time to organize roles and timing to be best prepared for the event.

Come out and see everything they came up with at the Lego Challenge on Friday!   

Career Architecture Ideas
Students mind-mapped the aspects of Career Architecture to trigger some ideas

Fall 2015 Town Hall
Students and faculty engaged in AVCD's Fall 2015 Town Hall on Friday, October 23rd

The AVCD department hosted their Fall 2015 Town Hall in the School of Design on Friday. Faculty and students from freshmen to seniors came out for group advising sessions, portfolio review tips, answers to their questions, raffles, and of course plenty of pizza!

Group Advising at Town Hall
Faculty led group advising sessions to prepare for upcoming class registration

Discussions at Town Hall
Students had the chance to give suggestions for study abroad opportunities, visiting artists, and more

Peer Advisors at Town Hall
Senior VCD students and AIGA Officers answered their peers' questions

Whole Foods Rating System
Carissa Pray, Tré Seals and Phil Iacona Originate Revamped Whole Foods Rating System Designs

Congratulations to Spring graduates Carissa Pray, Tré Seals and Phil Iacona for being chosen as the winners of a design competition where applicants had to reimagine the Whole Foods rating system....Click here to read more.

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