On the first day of the First-Year Seminar class, each first-year Visual Communication Design major wrote down a fact that no one else in the room knew about them, and then they had to guess who the fact related to. We had a great time learning new things about one another and guessing who belonged to which statement! Here are the facts, so you can get to know the new class better…

I can solve a Rubiks Cube in about 1 minute. —Sammy

I used to have a pet turtle, but it ran away. —Grace

I’m obsessed with Star Wars and space. —Taylor

I broke my foot dancing down the hallway on New Year’s Eve. —Kailee

I am terrible at drawing so my focus for the semester is to improve on that. —Melanie

My family puts up 7 Christmas trees for the holiday. —Michaela

I play Call of Duty. —Brianna

My favorite holiday is Halloween. —Sydney

I snowboard and longboard. —Jack

I like drawing robots. (and a little robot is on the paper too!) —Jessica

Speak Spanish. —Reese

My favorite animal that lives in the ocean is an octopus! —Jackalyn

I won 2nd prize for Graphic Communications at SkillsUSA for regional and state competitions. —Krystal

I am wildly hemophobic! Yay! —Emily

I speak English and Italian. —Andrea

I have a little sister. —Edward

I love to watch horror films. —Caroline

Love playing lacrosse. —John

I spent time in four different countries this summer. —Julia

I drive a F-350 truck. —Jaclyn