Experiential Expo Award
Krystal and Sammy's award at the Experiential Expo

The Art and Visual Communication Design Department along with the School of Design would like to congratulate AVCD Sophomores Krystal Carpintieri and Samantha Smith for winning Fan Favorite Oral Presentation at Stevenson University's first Experiential Expo held on Friday, April 29, 2016.   

Students from all schools came together in the Rockland Banquet room to share and display their work in the form of poster/display or oral presentations in one of five different categories: service-learning, internships/practicum, research, study abroad, or community engagement/involvement. Krystal and Samantha's oral presentation depicted their service-learning contribution for the Irvine Nature Center's call to action video assignment in VCD 256: The Moving Image.

Over the course of the project, students toured Irvine where they met with Courtney Sagal, Director of Community Engagement,​ and learned about the challenges of running the nature center and the need for volunteers. Students were tasked with creating a call to action video that would speak to Irvine's different audiences. Students went on two site visits, interviewed current volunteers and secured b-roll to capture the essence of Irvine. They practiced camera and audio work as well as finessed their editing skills throughout the course of the project.

Congratulations to Sammy and Krystal for their hard work!