Woodcut prints
Students printed letter form designs from their own handmade woodcuts
In ART 305: History of Graphic Design, students made prints out of woodcuts they created themselves. The goal of this project was to design an initial cap for a letter of their names that expressed their identity or personality. In order to go about this process, the students started with a blackletter font and then researched different periods of time relating to the history of graphic design in order to influence the embellishment of their letterform.  working on woodcuts
After making their initial prints, students could then add accent colors and details to enhance their designs
In the overall scope of ART 305: History of Graphic Design, the class began by looking through the lens of visual communication starting with early cave paintings that were communicated in 23,000 BC. Currently, the class is living in the 1800's and working their way to the design of today through different design processes and print production.