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Graphic Design News

Date: Mar 2016

Marching Band Photoshoot
Advanced Photography students facilitated a photoshoot with Stevenson's Marching Band

Stevenson's Marching Band director Mark Lortz approached the PHOTO 341: Advanced Studio Photography class for promotional portraits of the musicians and dancers in the ensemble....Click here to read more.

Light Painting
Photography students learned the art of light painting while night shooting in their class

Students in PHOTO 141: Basic Digital Photography took to the outdoors during their night class to learn the ins and outs of night photography. Flashlights were then distributed to experiment with light painting, and the fun unfolded! The students enjoyed playing with different settings and compositions to capture some intriguing images. 

Personal Space Photography
One student's personal space still life photo

PHOTO 341: Advanced Studio Photography students are examining the concept of creating a personal space in their photographs. Drawing inspiration from Dutch Still Life paintings, students were asked to create their own still life with objects that are a part of their everyday life while experimenting with soft, mysterious lighting. 

Camera Obscura
This camera obscura captured the upside down image of a tree on frosted paper

Using cigar boxes, magnifying glasses and frosted paper, students in ART 305: History of Photography made their own camera obscuras. Predating photographic cameras, the camera obscura, meaning "dark room", works when light passes through a pinhole and captures an inverted image on the far wall. Students were able to successfully capture their images on frosted paper, which was the backing of the cigar box.

Woodcut prints
Students printed letter form designs from their own handmade woodcuts
In ART 305: History of Graphic Design, students made prints out of woodcuts they created themselves. The goal of this project was to design an initial cap for a letter of their names that expressed their identity or personality. In order to go about this process, the students started with a blackletter font and then researched different periods of time relating to the history of graphic design in order to influence the embellishment of their letterform....Click here to read more.
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