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Graphic Design News

Date: 2015

Metro Centre Visit
Students conduct visual research at the Metro Centre with Professor Elena Volkova

Metro Centre Brainstorm
President of ArchPlan, Inc., Klaus Philipsen, visits class for a project brainstorming session

Students in VCD 310: Communication Design III are exploring design scenarios for the future of the Owings Mills Metro Centre. They are challenged to envision the area as a college town and vibrant cultural center, and must create an identity and supporting materials based on their visions.

The project kicked off with an on-site visit to the area with Professor Elena Volkova, where students took photographs and conducted interviews to spark some ideas. Back in the classroom, they looked at maps, made sketches, developed personas and brainstormed possible scenarios with visitor Klaus Philipsen, the President of ArchPlan, Inc. Philipsen has over 35 years of experience in transit facility design and transportation planning and he provided the students with key insights for possible solutions to the challenge.

Earth Art
Art History students create and install earth art on the Greenspring and Owings Mills North campuses

Professor Jenny Strasbaugh and guest artist Chip Irvine led ART 106: Introduction to Art History students in a hands-on art installation project. Using turkey tail mushrooms as visual inspiration, the students planned and designed their own earth art with wire and personally installed their creations on different campuses. This project provided the students with a new perspective on some of the elements of design, including line, shape and space.

Some may consider the art to be unconventionally beautiful, but the learning process is what really made it a success. Professor Strasbaugh noted that her students "learned a lot about installation and collaboration. We placed the mushrooms, changed them around, viewed them from different vantage points, changed them again...the process became more important than the outcome."

Check out their installations on both Greenspring and Owings Mills North near the parking lots.

Internships 2014–2015
Students participated in internships focusing in a variety of areas, including branding, marketing, web and photography

During the 2014–2015 school year and into the summer, 23 AVCD sophomores, juniors and seniors completed 24 internships for credit. The internships took place all around Maryland, Pennsylvania and D.C. at companies such as the National Aquarium, KDG Advertising, GTech Designs, City Paper and numerous others....Click here to read more.

Enoch Pratt Project
After their private tour of the Enoch Pratt Free Library, students began developing their ideas and critiquing each other's work in progress.

Communication Design III students headed outside the classroom to participate in a design competition hosted by Baltimore's Enoch Pratt Free Library. The challenge is to design a window display inspired by award-winning children's books, such as Goodnight Moon, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and other childhood favorites....Click here to read more.

Mt. Royal Printing
Creative Strategy students received a special tour of Mt. Royal Printing
Gary King, account manager, provided VCD designers an insider view of all of Mt. Royal’s printing services. Students are also researching printer folds as they begin designing a conference program for the 2016 Northeast Regional Honors Council annual conference.
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