Earth Art
Art History students create and install earth art on the Greenspring and Owings Mills North campuses

Professor Jenny Strasbaugh and guest artist Chip Irvine led ART 106: Introduction to Art History students in a hands-on art installation project. Using turkey tail mushrooms as visual inspiration, the students planned and designed their own earth art with wire and personally installed their creations on different campuses. This project provided the students with a new perspective on some of the elements of design, including line, shape and space.

Some may consider the art to be unconventionally beautiful, but the learning process is what really made it a success. Professor Strasbaugh noted that her students "learned a lot about installation and collaboration. We placed the mushrooms, changed them around, viewed them from different vantage points, changed them again...the process became more important than the outcome."

Check out their installations on both Greenspring and Owings Mills North near the parking lots.