The School of Design thanks our guests for taking the time to come out and hear the student's presentations

Communication Design III students confidently presented their future scenarios for the Owings Mills Metro Centre to a prestigious group of visitors, including Councilwoman Vicki Almond and her Chief of Staff Jonathan Schwartz. Also among the group were Architect Klaus Philipsen, Vice President of Public Affairs and Strategy at Stevenson, Sharon Markley, Dean of the School of Design, Amanda Hostalka, Department Chair George Moore, and Professor Lori Rubeling. The students presented their final deliverables including their identity creations and supporting materials, such as publications and guides. The visitors were greatly impressed with the hard work and detail put into the projects.

VP of Public Affairs and Strategy, Sharon Markley, discussed presentations with the students

Chief of Staff Jonathan Schwartz and Councilwoman Vicki Almond provided helpful comments and feedback

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