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senior showcase 2021

You saw their posters, now see their movies. The 2021 FMI Senior Showcase takes place on Wednesday, May 12, at 7pm on our YouTube channel. Come celebrate the cinematic achievements of our graduating class.

[Poster designed by FMI Professor Christopher Ernst]

Media Show Number 6

In our final show of the year (click on the image, above), we review two new films. Tune in to see what FMI Department Chair Chris Reed, FMI Sophomore Naadirah Siler and FMI First-Year Zhanna Pavelko-Snyder think of In the Earth (released in theaters April 23 by Neon) and Things Heard & Seen (released April 29 on Netflix).

Care to see the previous five shows? Check out our Vimeo site!

2021 Coming Attractions

The annual Film & Moving Image (FMI) Senior Showcase features capstone work from the graduating majors. Students work as writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, editors and more. Before we screen the films, however, we always like to offer up a preview of these wonderful coming attractions, via the specially designed posters for each film. This year, these posters are once again displayed in the gallery space of the School of Design, starting Friday, April 30, and as we did last year, we also present them virtually on this blog. Click on the above image to be taken to our Vimeo site to watch a short video of all the posters, or click on the thumbnails, below, to see each image in higher resolution. The actual showcase, itself, will take place on Wednesday, May 12, starting at 7, screened live on our YouTube channel (playlist will be activated just before the livestream). So mark your calendars for a night of great cinema!

Albizo 2021

Risk/Reward (Tyler Albizo, director): Noir-inspired drama set in the early 2000s about a pencil pushing loser who gets enticed by someone from his past to change some key documents at the insurance company he works for.

AumanMoore 2021

Three Clicks (Bryan Auman and Kayla Moore, directors): Three Clicks is a short film that examines the ambiguity of justice and how irony plays into it. We follow Ford and Riley as they break into a home and try to steal from a man who is in deeper than he knows.

Brown 2021

Full Circle (Brian Brown, director): A psychological thriller that follows a young woman who visits her future.

Dennis 2021

Barbers of the Dorm (Isaiah Dennis, director): After proclaiming himself as a barber on his college campus on social media, a young man fears he’s being pursued by a cult of barbers.

Torrey Dolan

Rotoscoped (Torrey Dolan, director): Cartoon character Wren has found a portal to a quiet farmhouse in the real world; now she desires to be a part of our universe and she will do anything to achieve that goal.

Hall 2021

Isolation of the Mind (Brandi Hall, director): Isolation of the Mind tells the story of Donovan and his emotions before, during and after a relationship with a girl named Tiana. These emotions are split into chapters named after the events that caused these emotions and are told through original poetry.

Hawdon 2021

Camille’s Game (Nicholas Hawdon, director): The film follows Camille, a woman trapped inside her own mind on the eve of her death, as she faces off against a gauntlet of figures from her past in a final game of chess.

Maieli 2021

An Unread Mind (Melissa Maieli, director): November 10th, 2015. That’s when HE came into her life: Axel N. Hepity. He was a clean-cut man on a mission, which was to raise hell for a poor woman named Mallory Stigma.

Praisner 2021

Daydream Suburbia (Camden Praisner, director): Daydream Suburbia ​is an experimental short film about a man named Jesse on his last day before moving away from his hometown.

Salvemini 2021

The Heir of Nymphs (Samantha Salvemini, director): Daphne is meditatively taking care of her many house plants when she notices a mysterious one appear in the bunch, unaware of the dangers those mysteries possess.

FMI Awards 2021

The fourth annual FMI Awards - put on by Stevenson's NBS-FMI Club – were broadcast on Friday, April 9, on our YouTube channel. Now they are all available on our Vimeo site, as well. Many thanks to our three judges: Leslie Combemale, Ryan Mayers and Barbara Valentino.

The FMIs offered awards in 7 categories this year: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Narrative, Best Cinematography, and Best Editing.

Our 2021 sponsor was Blackmagic Design, which offered a copy of Resolve Studio and a Speed Editor for Best Picture. All the other prizes received Amazon gift cards.

The big winner, of 5 of the awards (Best Film, Director, Screenplay, Editing and Actor) was Monkey.

Best Cinematography went to Cromwell Valley, and Best Actress to Detritus.

Media Review 5

In our fifth show (and second of the spring), we bring in, as always, two new student reviewers. Tune in to see what FMI Department Chair Chris Reed, FMI Junior Matt Anderson and FMI First-Year Jeremiah Battle think of the Snyder cut of Justice League, just released on HBO Max on March 18. You can find the show here, or by clicking on the image, above.

Care to see the previous four shows? Check out our Vimeo site!

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