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Film and Moving Image News

As noted last week, students in FMI305 ("Production Design") are working on a 30-second short "Don't Talk Before the Movie" promo film with their professor, Christopher Ernst. The plan is to have the film play before movies at Baltimore's historic Senator Theatre, which is where they shot the footage yesterday (see above picture). Stay tuned for more info after the film is completed.

For more photos, check out our Flickr site.

On Saturday, October 10, Stevenson FMI students and faculty traveled to Thomas Edison National Park - home of the Black Maria studio, where the first movies were shot in the 1890s - as well as of countless other inventions of the great American "wizard" (as Edison was known). After that visit, we continued on into New York City for the rest of the day. It was a glorious trip!

Here is a photo of the Black Maria studio (actually an exact replica of the original, destroyed long ago):

For more photos (and videos), check out our Flickr site.

Yesterday, at Baltimore's Historic Senator Theatre, new FMI Professor Christopher Ernst directed the test shoot for next week's production (set for Wednesday, 10/14) of a "Don't Talk Before the Movie" promo film, to be screened before movies at the theatre, in the future. This is part of our FMI305 - Production Design - course, in which students practice set design in the context of actual projects.

Below, Junior Dan Crapanzano looks through the diopter of our new 4K Sony FS7 camera.

For more photos, check out our Flickr site.

Lisa Gualtieri of Canon came to visit Stevenson's Film & Moving Image Department on Wednesday, September 30, with an EOS C100 cinema camera in tow, plus some great glass (lenses) for cameras we already own. It was a wonderful demo, and we thank Lisa and Canon for their generous donation of time and expertise. For more photos, check out our Flickr site.

FMI students start off their Stevenson experience with hands-on production right away, in FMI101 ("Cinema I: Storytelling"), shooting on GoPros, Canon t5i DSLRs, and Sony HXR-NX3s. By the time they get to the third year, in classes like FMI305 ("Production Design"), they are already working with professional equipment, like a Sony PXW-FS7. For more photos, check out our Flickr site.

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