Film and Moving Image News

Today, FMI Seniors presented the posters for their capstone projects, which everyone can watch at our Senior Showcase on Thursday, May 11, at 7pm in the Inscape Theatre on our Greenspring Campus. Pictured above, in the second.

The sixth annual FMI Awards—put on by Stevenson's FMI Club—took place on Sunday, April 16. Here, you can see all the nominees (out of a greater number of submissions).

poster designed by Phoebe ZaranskiThe annual FMI Awards––popularly known as “The FMIs"––are Stevenson’s answer to the Oscars! The 2023 show will take place live in the Rockland Ballroom on our Owings Mills campus .

For our seventeenth episode (and fifth of the 2022-2023 academic year), we welcome Stevenson FMI Alumnus Nick Hawdon (Class of 2021) and FMI Junior Lee Render to discuss the new films Imagining the Indian, from directors Avi.