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[Pictured: Katie Ellsworth, Rahima Dondurur, and Jocelyn Williams]

Please join us in congratulating the Stevenson University Senior Fashion Design students, Nakia BoomerVictoria Clark, Rahima DondururKatie Ellsworth, and Jocelyn Williams!  These five exceptional and talented students were inducted in the “Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges” consortium. “Who’s Who” is a national company that recognizes students for their scholarships and participation in academic, community, and service organizations. The award is based on a student’s overall academic average, activity within the university, community, and/or service activities. The students were recognized at a campus-wide ceremony on February 20, 2015.

Ladies, we are so proud of your accomplishment!


The Stevenson University Fashion Design Program students and faculty had the pleasure of touring the House of Cavalli during our Study Abroad experience in March 2014. At the design house, we observed the intricate process of textile printing, superb couture construction, and we even got to visit Roberto's private studio. The Public Relations staff was so gracious; they organized a reception for us and gave everyone a parting gift of a signature Roberto Cavalli silk scarf, and we were granted permission shop in their employee store. It was the experience of a lifetime!
















[Pictured is the gown that Katie created for the Plitz Fashion Week NYC 2015 runway show.]

Please join us in congratulating our Senior Fashion Design student, Ms. Katie Ellsworth, on her promotion as the Fashion Production Manager for the Plitz Fashion Marketing Company based in New York City.  Previously, Katie worked as an intern with Plitz during the production of the NYC 2015 Fashion Week runway show.  In her new role she will be working remotely for the company and consulting with designers locally and abroad.

We are so proud of you Katie!

“In demonstrating natural dyeing for the Introduction to Textiles class, it showed the original way fabric was dyed using herbs, flowers, and vegetables.  We used turmeric and red cabbage as the dye sources.  The experiment also showed students a more sustainable way to dye fabric using natural dyes as well as how much time and energy it takes to make the beautiful colors we see in our clothing today.” – Professor, Leslie Simpson

On Monday, March 30th, 2015, Professor Leslie Simpson and I demonstrated a natural fabric dying with her Introduction to Textiles class.  We began with boiling water in two pots on an electric portable double burner.  Once the water came to a rolling boil we added hand shredded week old red cabbage to one pot, turmeric powder to the other pot, and a tablespoon of kosher salt to each pot.  Following the steps in a natural dying video tutorial we found (the link is posted below), we allowed the red cabbage and the turmeric to boil for 30 minutes. While the dye was boiling I pre-soaked our strips of natural fabrics in warm water.  Once the red cabbage was finished boiling, Professor Simpson, strained the dye, and poured the water, free of cabbage pieces, back into the pot.  We then split our fabric in half, placing half of our natural fabrics in the turmeric pot and the other half in the red cabbage pot, which we then let boil for 45 minutes.  The students participated by pulling the fabric strips from the dye, rising, and drying it. 










Please check out the helpful YouTube video we used as a guideline for our natural dye test: “How-To Make Your Own Natural Dye with the EtsyLabs”


We would like to thank Nikki, the founder of 3Clothing, for taking the time to speak to our fashion design and merchandising students in our Fashion Design studio during the Introduction to Textiles class.  The students found her lively presentation very informative and educational. The line of clothing that she shared with us is very innovated, wearable, and functional.  Nikki was an inspiration to the students and we are so grateful for her support.

“Nikki had a wonderful time speaking to the Fashion Merchandising students today at Stevenson University! We made some great connections and met some amazing students. Thanks again!” – 3Clothing
















Please visit their site:

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