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Forest Park High School Visitors!

On Wednesday, November 11, 2015, 7 students from Forest Park High School came to Stevenson University for a Fashion Design studio visit.  During their visit they heard from the Dean of the School of Design, Amanda Hostalka, our Program Coordinator, Sally Di Marco, our Studio Manager, Leah Aronhime, and myself.  We regaled them with aspects about the program and the school of design, informed them about some of the courses we offer, and talked about events that we participate in such as the Annual Fashion Show, the fall Gallery Exhibit, and New York Fashion Week. 

To add to the excitement of the visit for the freshman and sophomores of Forest Park High, we provided them with some hands-on experience, where each student was able to make her own snack bag! Prior to their arrival, we prepared three different colored fabrics, in blue, pink, and yellow.  We began the sewing process but allowed the students the opportunity to use the sewing machines to finish the bags, and by adding strips of Velcro they were able to create easy closures.  The students were excited to make snack bags and mentioned several things they planned to put in them.

We had a lovely visit with the students and hope to see them again in the future!


                                                                   By Jessica Timmons              

Over the summer I had the opportunity to complete a retail management internship with Nordstrom in Towson, MD. It was an informative experience, and I learned a great deal about the company. Throughout the summer I was taking training classes, working in three departments, and attending meetings. The training classes were interesting and focused on Nordstrom culture, management, and other essential Nordstrom information. Sometimes the classes were held at other Nordstrom stores in Maryland. This was nice because all of the interns had the ability to meet other Nordstrom employees and to hear their “Nordy Stories” (their career paths within the company).

A large portion of the internship was focused on selling while delivering amazing customer service. It was fun being able to work with ...Learn More

A great event on Stevenson’s campus – the crowning of next year’s (2015-2016) Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson University King and Queen at the annual Homecoming Week in October.  Six contestants competed for the two crowns and performed in different events to see who would be voted “Mr. and Mrs. SU”. The contestants introduced themselves and told the audience why they should win.  They also responded to a question from SU’s Career Services that they pulled out of a hat. Lastly, and the most entertaining part of the night, all six contestants picked their favorite song and lip synced and danced to it on stage.  There were about 100 people at the event, and they all voted for the winners. 

This is a free event during SU’s Homecoming Week in October, and tickets are available at the Rock.

By: Jessica Roth 

The winners for 2015- 2016 Mr. and Mrs. SU Homecoming King and Queen were senior Shane Messick and senior Rachel Haywood. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

3-Clothing is an environmentally conscious women’s apparel company based in Baltimore that has been described as “yoga chic.” Founded by Nikki Gordon, a former yoga instructor and holistic health counselor, this company has the goal of providing clothing that is professional, comfortable, and locally-made. Ms. Gordon began by making her own garments and finding people who wanted to buy them. After locating a local manufacturer to produce her clothing, 3-Clothing was officially established and continues to support the art of sewing and local manufacturing. The company now carries a variety of product lines in local retailers such as Jean Pool, Milagro, and Liquid Blue Denim in Baltimore. 

I have been an intern with 3-Clothing for a year. Since my first day, I felt like a part of the family. I was taught everything from the quality control of garments to how to set-up and run events. Now, a year later, I am still a part of this great venture and am doing whatever is needed such as sewing, embroidery, assisting with styling, or quality checking and tagging garments. This internship has taught me how to create designs from start to finish as well as the opportunity to experience trials and tribulations faced by a young design company. If you would like more information about 3-Clothing or are interested in viewing this season's offerings, please visit their website

By: Ashley Danos


“It shouldn’t be difficult to dress comfortably and well,” said fashion design major Sarantos Papavasilakis.  Beginning at a young age, he loved looking at images of architecture and athletic shoes....Learn More

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