Styling Makeup with Outfits

By: Alisia Salinas

As a student at Stevenson, many fashion students like myself express who we are through our outfits and makeup.  We play with colors and patterns in clothing and try to match outfits with makeup looks. Matching makeup looks and outfits allows me and others to have fun and step out of our comfort zone.

My favorite makeup looks tend to be a bold eyeshadow color like hot pink paired with pink accessories or pink pants. I aimed to give an early 2000’s vibe in these photos but modernizing it to 2020. I like trying to find ways to use bright colors. I can do this by wearing red lipstick paired with a red bag or shoe instead of a red dress. A slight difference can bring a whole look together. ASpic1.jpg

I often like to do themed looks where the outfit and makeup catch the image I’m trying to portray. For example, I have done a 70’s look and posted it on Instagram and Tik-Tok, and invite people to try and create a look with a 70’s theme. This allows me and the audience to travel to any time period in a matter of minutes. By inviting others to partake in the theme, we can help inspire each other with looks we might not have considered before.

Being a part of the fashion department at Stevenson University has shown me how strong the relationship is between makeup and fashion. Many fashion designers often prioritize makeup looks to embody what an outfit is conveying- it adds the cherry on top of the look. Makeup adds to the excitement of fashion. I am glad to be a part of a creative world where the sky is the limit. ASpic2.jpg