By: Taryn Chinich

         Over this past winter break, I had the chance to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to see Anna Wintour’s Fall 2016 Collection “Masterworks: Unpacking Fashion”.  As someone who lives only an hour away from New York City, oddly enough, I have never been to The MET.  Just walking up the stairs to the enormous building, I could feel the excitement running through my body.  The collections of clothes donated were breathtaking.  From designers Jean-Philippe Worth (1856) to Tom Ford (2016), there was a variety of culture in each design.  The designs ranged from a 1787 French coat to late 1920’s Flapper dress to Alexander McQueen’s crazy ballet slipper heels made for Lady Gaga.  Each designer really brings a certain beauty and elegance to each of his or her designs.

         As a Fashion Merchandising major, it was really exciting to see all of these iconic designers in one place.  After taking Textiles, I have learned  to appreciate the different fabrics used in creating each unique piece of apparel.  Before taking fashion classes such as Textiles, I would have walked into the collection and not even thought twice about the amount of work put into each piece nor what fabric it was made of.  The quality of work in each dress, shoe, top, or jacket made me feel extremely excited to be a fashion major and so lucky to be a part of this program. I have truly gained a whole new perspective on the world of fashion.