By: Hannah Bienkowski

       It’s not every day an ice hockey player wakes up and decides to study fashion, but I’m glad I did.  I entered Stevenson’s fashion merchandising program in 2012 and have been a member of the Stevenson Women’s Ice Hockey team since its inaugural season in the fall of 2012. Something that I have learned from hockey is the idea of the team having a championship culture. In order to be a championship culture, your team must have commitment, responsibility, accountability, respectability, trust, and leadership. The concept of a championship culture can easily translate over to success in academics and in your future.

       Fashion and design classes are time consuming and require a lot of effort and ability. I’ve been constantly challenged to manage my time and put 110% into both my schoolwork and my team. While in class, I am pushed to be creative and innovative. Whether it’s designing  children’s wear, men’s wear, and women’s wear or making a pair of functioning shoes out of paper, it’s always a challenge. My professors encourage me to think outside the box and take a step out of my comfort zone.

       Being a part of the Women’s Ice Hockey Team and the Fashion Merchandising Program have prepared me to take on any challenge in life. At the end of my four years at Stevenson, I will not only be on my way to a fashion merchandising career, but I will be a champion as well.