By Jessica Timmons

Over the summer I had the opportunity to complete a retail management internship with Nordstrom in Towson, MD. It was an informative experience, and I learned a great deal about the company. Throughout the summer I was taking training classes, working in three departments, and attending meetings. The training classes were interesting and focused on Nordstrom culture, management, and other essential Nordstrom information. Sometimes the classes were held at other Nordstrom stores in Maryland. This was nice because all of the interns had the ability to meet other Nordstrom employees and to hear their “Nordy Stories” (their career paths within the company).

A large portion of the internship was focused on selling while delivering amazing customer service. It was fun being able to work with other sales associates while building relationships with customers. At one point, all of the interns, around 60 in the state of Maryland, attended a recognition meeting at AMC Theatre in Tysons Corner, VA. This meeting was to recognize and praise Nordstrom employees. It was full of energy, and we even got to meet Jamie Nordstrom.

The internship ended in July with a graduation and a delicious lunch at Stoney River for all of the interns. If retail management is something that interests you, Nordstrom is a great company to intern for. Find out more information on their website at