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By Rhiannon Arellano

When I walked into the new Academic Center at Owings Mills North campus, my first thought was ‘where is the map?!’  Once I found the map, I quickly scanned it to see if I could find my classroom number and realized that the map was for the first floor. My room was 233, so now my next mission was to find the stairs to get up to the second floor. I quickly followed other students down a long hallway past many classrooms only to realize I could not ...Learn More

By the first week of June all packing had been completed and everything had been moved to Owings Mills North.  Immediately after the move, Studio Manager, Leah Aronhime, and I began unpacking and we have been diligently working on setting up the new studio for the last few weeks!

In my last blog, I mentioned our need for expansion. Well… our former studio consisted of one large room with a cubicle wall to separate the sewing equipment from the CAD lab –most excitingly we now have two beautiful sewing studios, a textile room, and a CAD lab!!

Please enjoy few teaser pictures of our new studio!

The last week of classes for students typically means writing final papers, turning in last projects, and taking final exams; in other words, it signifies the end of the semester.  For the Fashion Design department, the last week of classes represents the end of our very first 5 years on the Owings Mills Campus!

For those who don’t know, we are moving! While our original studio was a great starter space, we have simply run out of room for both our equipment and our students; we need to expand our space as our program continues to grow!

Packing has officially begun and moving will take place in just a few short weeks.    With much anticipation, the Fashion Design Department will be relocated to its brand new studio!!! Our new splendid quarters will be located at the Academic Center, which is located on the Owings Mills North campus adjacent to the School of Design (11200 Ted Hergert Way, Owings Mills, MD 21117). The fashion design studios and offices are located on the 2nd floor.

Check in for more updates on our new space!













































We are delighted to announce that Stevenson University’s Fashion Design program was rated among the top 15 fashion schools on the East Coast according to Please read the wonderful press release

Below is the link to the Press Release, which was developed by the University that provides the details of our exciting ranking!

Information about the rankings can be found here:

Other related information about the selection process and the company can be found by going to links below:

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