Florence, Home away from Home: My Study Abroad Experience

By: Anna Maier 

“How was studying abroad?”  My answer: amazing. This is a question I constantly receive after my travels to Florence, Italy. I can truly say this opportunity was one of the most eye opening and influential experiences I could have ever done.AMpic1

At the end of my Sophomore year, I was informed that Fashion Design students had the option to study abroad for a semester in either Italy or Ireland. Right away, I knew this sounded incredible, and I began planning to take this big leap into the future. Fast forward about a year later, and I was studying in the heart of Italy. I took five classes, all related to fashion. My favorite was Trend Forecasting where I learned about the art and science of predicting future trends.

I traveled at every opportunity and was fortunate to explore places such as Venice and Paris. I even took advantage of the free local events, especially the free gelato tours, because who doesn’t love gelato? I even joined a local gym where the people there became a second family. I was able to go beyond my comfort zone and really develop as an individual. I met amazing people along the way who had an extraordinary impact on my life. This is a time I will forever hold close to my heart and encourage anyone considering studying abroad to go for it! You will not only have a broader understanding of the world, but will evolve as a person, just as I did.AMpic2