Fashion and Photography: How to Come Up with Photoshoot Ideas 

By: Destiny Giles 

I am a fashion merchandising student at Stevenson pursuing a career in fashion photography.  Last semester (Spring 2019), I took the Fashion and Portrait Photography course and learned a lot about how to properly photograph in a fashion setting. I’ve always loved photography, practiced outside of school and have had a passion for fashion. I never thought about combining the two until taking this course.

When I was coming up with my ideas for my projects, I’m not going to lie; it was difficult at times. But after getting the hang of things, I was able to think of some basic themes to really help my creative process. These basic themes are: style of clothing on the model, setting, and the four seasons.DGblogpic2

How your model is dressed can play a big part in the theme of your photoshoot. That’s the whole point of fashion photography; to creatively shoot the style of fashion your model is wearing. Secondly, the right setting can help create the tone for your photos. Ask yourself “What feeling do I want to get from my viewer? Is it mystery? Is it happiness?” Then last but definitely not least, the four seasons are a great idea to go off of when setting up a shoot. Perhaps your model is sporting some cool fall fashions. How can that help create the right setting for your shoot. Maybe it’s using different colors for lighting; the possibilities are endless!

You can see my work hung on the photo wall in the school of design building next to the photo studio. I hope my work inspires you to do some photoshoots of your own while at Stevenson.DGpic1