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Fashion Design & Merchandising News

Date: Apr 2017

By: Tori Way

                  The fashion department at Stevenson University is full of fun, interesting classes. One of those classes is the Garment Construction Techniques class. This one credit class, taught by Leah Aronhime, is a 50-minute class that meets once a week. In this introduction class, you get to learn the basics of constructing a garment. The class is relatively new, as it has only been around for about 2 years. The class ranges in size each semester, with 8 people currently enrolled.


                  FDES 101 teaches a variety of different construction techniques. Every class, each student produces 1 to 2 sewing samples. These samples add up, and by the end of the semester, each student should have about 30. With these samples, students are able to look back on them when creating their own garments. Different techniques that they work on include sewing (pictured), finishing, zipper work (also pictured), and creating seams. This class is a must for anyone who would like to learn the basics of constructing a garment, but also for anyone in the fashion department in general. Learning the basics like sewing is important and a great skill to take with you into the industry. 



By: Samantha Lengquist

                  As many current SU students know, it is “sadly” Sally DiMarco’s last semester with us as she is retiring in June. For those of you who don’t know, Sally Dimarco is the head of the Fashion Design Program at Stevenson. Sally grew up in Italy, and her family had a fashion design school, and almost all of her family was in the fashion business. The Dimarco family decided to move to Baltimore as it was a significant area for designing and manufacturing men’s apparel at the time.

                 Sally’s fashion design interest began in high school, although at first she considered going to medical school since she had a passion for science. She decided on fashion and graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art with a degree in Fashion Design and Fine Arts.  She worked...Learn More

The Maryland Historical Society hosted a most extravagant event, the Heirloom to Haute Gala, on Saturday, March 25th, 2017.  Dressed in either modern black tie or vintage eveningwear from any era, guests were invited to join in on the evening’s festivities. The night was filled with eating, drinking, dancing, and observing a truly magnificent collection.  Included were vintage designs from the Maryland Historical Society’s antique collection and modern garments from local designers, including a piece from our very own fashion design senior, Venus Khosravani.  Venus created an absolutely stunning women’s dress during her time in the Draping II class, which she showcased at this event.

The Heirloom to Haute Gala began the evening in the Ballroom of the Lord Baltimore Hotel, located just a few blocks away from the Inner Harbor.  Guests enjoyed...Learn More

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