Written by: Crystal Strauss

The first semester of classes at Stevenson is the first step toward a promising future. It can be a nerve-wracking experience, with many opportunities and many unknowns. Buying supplies for school should not be one of these unknowns. A campus store is located on both the Owings Mills and the Greenspring campuses. 

The Owings Mills Campus sells books for graduate classes and undergraduate online classes. If you take a course online, you will need to shop in this location. The store also sells clothing, novelty items, and personal hygiene supplies (in case of an emergency). The Greenspring Campus sells books for undergraduate classes held on campus. It is located on the first floor of the Manuszak Student Union. 

In order to take the hassle out of buying required texts, books can also be reserved and paid for online at http://store.stevenson.edu. There is a link to the Owings Mills online store at the top of the home page.  After 24 business hours, the items can be picked up in the store. This is especially helpful for your first semester at Stevenson. It is best to look at the books required for each class, but pay close attention to the section numbers for the requirements. Some of the same courses do not require the same textbook. If the books are wrapped  ...Learn More