The Fashion Department would like to welcome our newest adjunct professor, Min Cheung! She began teaching in the Fashion Design Department last spring, where she used her prior skills and knowledge from various fashion companies, such as 180s, to teach our Product Development Class.  During the fall semester Min will be instructing the students in the Garment Construction class.

Before she began teaching at a college level, part of her job responsibilities included boarding new hires and teaching them how to do their job efficiently while giving them the tools and knowledge on how to do the work correctly. Min’s many years of experience instructing and guiding new hires has given her the confidence to peruse teaching.

During my interview with Min, she told me that she “learned a lot this year by teaching the Product Development class.”  Teaching the Product Development class was her first time teaching at the college level.  Here she discovered that it is important to show students multiple ways of doing something, since everyone learns and comprehends information differently.

Min told me that she had, “great students this year! They were really interested in the class work and lectures, which made it easy for me to teach them.” She went on to say that, “every student I’ve met here at Stevenson is smart, dedicated, and passionate about his or her work. It shows in the questions they ask and in the work that they produce. I feel lucky that my first teaching experience has been here at Stevenson.”

Starting this fall, Min will be teaching Garment Construction.  As a Technical Designer she spent a lot of time working on garment construction with factories and working out intricate details on new ways to build garments. This class goes back to basics and Min hopes that everyone who takes Garment Construction builds a great foundation to take with them into their future endeavors. “I have some really excellent people here at Stevenson to help support me in teaching this class, so I’m confident that it will be another great success.”

We look forward to working with and learning from you, Min!!