Forest Park High School Visitors!

On Wednesday, November 11, 2015, 7 students from Forest Park High School came to Stevenson University for a Fashion Design studio visit.  During their visit they heard from the Dean of the School of Design, Amanda Hostalka, our Program Coordinator, Sally Di Marco, our Studio Manager, Leah Aronhime, and myself.  We regaled them with aspects about the program and the school of design, informed them about some of the courses we offer, and talked about events that we participate in such as the Annual Fashion Show, the fall Gallery Exhibit, and New York Fashion Week. 

To add to the excitement of the visit for the freshman and sophomores of Forest Park High, we provided them with some hands-on experience, where each student was able to make her own snack bag! Prior to their arrival, we prepared three different colored fabrics, in blue, pink, and yellow.  We began the sewing process but allowed the students the opportunity to use the sewing machines to finish the bags, and by adding strips of Velcro they were able to create easy closures.  The students were excited to make snack bags and mentioned several things they planned to put in them.

We had a lovely visit with the students and hope to see them again in the future!