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Fashion Design & Merchandising News

Date: Nov 2015


By Sarah Bacon

As a senior fashion-merchandising student, I have taken great interest in hair accessories and the crafting of them. “Flowers in Her Hair by Sarah Michelle” is a small company I created to sell my handmade flower crowns. They are sold at a small boutique where I interned, and I receive requests for weddings, photo shoots, concerts, and other occasions. 

When someone mentions flower crowns or flower headbands, many people automatically think of raves, concerts, or hippies. My main focus is to create a sophisticated, one of a kind headband for any individual based on their fashion interest. Throughout history, many types of hair ornamentation and the materials from which they were made indicated religious significance, social class, age group, and level of fashion awareness. Hair ornaments are infinitely varied in shape, size, and materials and add pizazz to any outfit.

First, I start with abalone dyed Nubuck leather which gives off a natural look and is strong, easy to handle, and attractive. Second, the quality of the flowers I use is very important. Silk flowers are the best because they give a very realistic look and don’t fade or tear. When choosing the colors, you need to do your research to see what colors are trending for each season. Lastly, the beads I place at the end of each headband helps to anchor it and makes the headbands more appealing and personal. I will use glass or pewter beads to customize each headband with the individual’s initials or a phrase such as “I heart you”.  Each headband takes great thought and patience while constructing it.  


The Fashion Design department

would like to wish everyone

a wonderful, safe, and most delicious



By Rebecca Porter

When arriving at college for the first time, freshmen can find the new experience overwhelming. Rebecca Porter (RP), Fashion Merchandising major, asked Courtney Queen (CQ), a senior Human Services major and Fashion Design minor, to give advice for incoming freshmen.

RP:  Living with someone new is scary. Before coming to college, freshmen get to either choose or are randomly assigned roommates. What did you do, and would you recommend something different?...Learn More


ManneqArt is a Non-Profit Organization for Education in the Arts, in which focus is placed on “bringing Wearable Art to the attention of the American public.” During my interview with founder, Lee Anderson, I learned many important details about ManneqArt, its competition, and awards.

Hundreds of people apply for the competition each year, although only 80 applicants are accepted.  This contest is open to college students, high school students, and middle school students; anyone else across the United States who wishes to create original designs is encouraged to participate even if they have never designed before. 

There are only four basic rules:

  1. The design must be able to be worn by a live person; if a design is glued to a mannequin, it can be displayed but will not qualify for the competition.
  2. The design must not include any items that would injure a model, such as sharp objects.
  3. The design must allow movement for models to travel up and down stairs; this is also a safety concern. However, designs do not have to allow models the ability to 
  4. ...Learn More


Amanda Hostalka has been a part of the Stevenson community since 1998 when she started as a part-time graphic design professor. In 2009, Amanda became the Department Chairperson for the Art and Visual Communication Design program....Learn More

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