Fashion Design & Merchandising News

Amira Morsi's Senior CollectionBy: Karli BanasAmira’s collection was designed to be soft, beautiful, and Venus-like. Her main inspiration came from a perfume she likes and photos of flowers in water.

Tanyka Trotman's Senior CollectionBy: Karli BanasTanyka’s collection is inspired by Disney villains and the Met Gala. She feels Disney villains dress well, but their clothing is often overlooked by their wicked actions.

Arminee Bunting's Senior CollectionBy: Karli BanasThe inspiration for Arminee’s collection was streetwear. She was inspired by the things people wear on the streets during fashion weeks and attending fashion shows.

Mikhayla Sabo's Senior CollectionBy: Karli BanasMikhayla’s collection was first inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Her theme is Utopia.

Arianna Freels' Senior CollectionBy: Karli BanasArianna’s collection was inspired by the 2018 Met Gala, “Heavenly Bodies and the Catholic Church." One of her biggest goals in life is to someday be able to design a look fo.